MThe last few months I have been seeing more & more animal ‘clients’ again! Something is opening up as I work more with the Andean tradition. I think as I form a closer relationship to the earth, nature & the land, so it is bringing more animals to me for transformation. In the 1990’s, for the first 2 years of my booming practice, animal healing probably accounted for a third (if not more) of my private healing sessions! I’ve been working with them ever since…
Recently some of my clients, pet owners, have come to me asking for help, not realizing that I do healing work on animals too. Over the last 2 decades, I have worked with many different forms of animals- & I LOVE to do so. It is a very satisfying, transforming, unconditional service. So I thought I would share more about this – I could write a book on it, but let’s see if I can squeeze it into a newsletter. Lol.
It is wonderful to work with animals, as they respond very quickly. Showing their healing through a different behaviour almost immediately – communicating or responding in their own way afterwards. Sometimes healing completely, and sometimes creating a spiritual dynamic with their owner that brings profound insight.
Firstly, please let me say upfront : I always ask for permission first!
Sometimes animals (like small children) are at a place where an issue is part of their growth or ‘karma’, and it is not for us to interfere with their path.
Respect is king.
It is a long distance healing – in that either the owner or myself is the surrogate, generally using the animal’s hair as a way to tap into their individual energy. Hair holds their DNA & therefore I can connect directly with their energy system/ highest self.  (hmmmm, there should be a name specifically for an Animal’s Soul hey! 🙂
When it is not a hairy animal, I have either been in the presence of the animal, or the owner needs to be in the room with a photo. So for example, I worked with a Shaman whose pet snake wasn’t ‘perky – he (the Shaman lol) came with a pic, & we used energy therapy to heal, guided by muscle testing the Shaman for the Snake. Intention is everything!
In the 1990’s when I began, I had a client who was a journalist, reporting on a laboratory that had abused monkeys terribly. A  group of different kinds & sizes of apes that had been experimented on multiple times! (you may even remember this from the newspapers). Although the animal right’s people & the law had stepped in to save them, the monkey’s were understandably aggressive, afraid (to put it politely) & therefore unable to be released back into the wild. Some of these Monkey’s were very big, damaged & so aggressive they were considering putting them down.  The rest would be sent to a rehab centre that was created for them, in the north of SA. It had very large pens, where they could roam free, but still have (proper) care from humans. I was asked to come in before they were euthanized to see if they could be saved – & support the others to release trauma, & prepare them for when they would have to share a pen. They were unused to sharing.
The journalist arranged for me to be smuggled into the lab at 5am, I was disguised in a white coat -like a Doctor (the managers & handlers were not open to animal communication of any form in those days:) – so I had to do it quietly….before the assessing began.
To this day it is as fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday. I remember their faces – especially the largest adult female monkey.  I went to each cage, to work one by one. They would react aggressively, or with great anxiety- hiding in the far corners, but as I worked they would calm down- or get curious even, & come sit at the wire mesh to watch me, while I scanned for ways to support their healing process, find their blockages and clear them etc. It was soo heart breaking AND beautiful. In the end I think only one was put down, (it might have been none) I am glad to say. The rest were transported & released into the pen together and for years after, I got the odd reports on them doing well – and happy!
All animals are in alpha states of mind (generally), and so relatively easy when you know how -to communicate to through emotion and visualisation. …and so healing energy too. I didn’t really understand that much then! –Karen Weinman''s clients: through Feathers I just knew to be calm & loving- emitting peace, and a message I was there to help in whichever way they, the monkey’s needed.
I simply follow the guidance as I dowse, listen, find information & release blockages. …clearing trauma mainly.
Then I was introduced to a Raptor foundation, which saved birds of prey that got snared by farmers, or caught in the city, etc. The Chairperson would arrive in my therapy room with these humongous sized feathers, and leave it to me to find out what had happened, and how to support their healing process (I’ll include a pic here, as I still have some of the feathers).  It was simply wonderful to interact on that level. Connecting with their true essence – deeply touched my heart.
Over the years humans have become my main clients (if you’ll excuse the expression) – transforming not only each individual – but affecting the community or group as each person is cleared. It isn’t something I talk about, but as we clear ourselves – so we affect our larger community. And I have a suspicion that is happening now with animals, that it is not only individual animals that need support, but by healing one, I am affecting the group – helping all to the raise their consciousness in this great time of change.
So if you’re pet is in need, or you know of an animal organisation that is open to healing support, don’t be shy to open the doors to healing for them, by contacting me.  On this earth, Animals too have a path that includes healing & growing (in their own way) – and a karma with their owners & human counterparts! So often I see pets taking on their owner’s unconscious stuff, to unconditionally support them.
What I do know is this:
We as humans are slowly becoming aware of how this is a time of healing, transformation & growth on our planet – when actually, it is a time for ALL species on the planet. We all share the karma- and the opportunity to discover our way to the light- with everything on the planet. Raising consciousness & being one with the divine spark….even animals – & yes, even trees! (but that’s another newsletter 🙂
I hope this got you thinking, aware of the greater whole- & aware of the animals around you too. We are all in this together. Healing and transforming together.

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