The Physical Body
It is proven that we are made of energy. Everything we are &  that we experience is all energy. So when we go through a challenging time, & either cannot express our emotion, or express it too much & therefore have ‘negative effects’, that memory or pent up emotion (energy in motion) is stored in the body. Where the body stores it & why, can be read into later. But it’s important to know that your body will store it for you – it will either sit in your energy field somewhere, where, if not expressed over time, will slowly become denser matter until it manifests into the physical body as a symptom.

Suddenly we have lower back pain, a headache, Chronic Fatigue, pneumonia or cancer. And we blame our surroundings, the food we ate, the stress, the outer world etc. Something out there made us ill. And give our power away. Meanwhile our body is communicating with us. Not listening of course, we go out, get medication, do whatever we can to get rid of it as soon as possible, so we can get on with our everyday lives. Suppress it!

It may go away for a short length of time, but will then show up later at either a deeper level, or somewhere else. By this time medication is not making a difference. The pain becomes unbearable – or hard to ignore- it pushes us to question: why am I not well? And so the journey begins. I think this is a very beautiful part of the Grand Design.

Our bodies lead us into a Secret garden, where an awakening through pain opens us up to discover the riches we have within.

So we go to a specialist, a homeopath, acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, Kinesiology etc- all which work with each other & take us to the next level of understanding… it’s not just physical!

Emotional level

Now we start to discover the meaning & symbolism behind our illness. We will be attracted to whatever we need on our journey: to give us awareness! And what I find really fascinating is how there is still this belief system out there, that emotions are bad. Expressing is bad. Behave yourself – don’t step out the box. Sweep it under the mat. So we suppress our disliked, unexpressed emotions. And all it takes, is stopping in the moment to notice- ‘oh I have pain here in my knee, let me go inside and feel it’; intensify the emotion that is in there – & magically it releases.

Emotions and Belief systems are so powerful, getting to understand what we are holding, opens up doors to healing that are so powerful, it’s miraculous.

In my private sessions I have seen so many miracles occur, in people who were willing to step off the edge &  jump into their emotional expression – they release pain instantaneously! I once had a client who had a steel pin in her arm after a car accident shattered it. She had not been able to straighten her arm for a year when she came to see me. The physiotherapists had given her little hope that she would have 100% use of it ever again. In the session, she stopped to look at the pain in her life, allowed herself to feel it – & by the time she left the session,  she could already move it down 10 centimetres! She phoned me the next day to say that it was almost straight. Now miraculous you might say, but it’s the power of simply listening to our bodies and expressing that pent up emotion – releasing that energy so we can return to a healthy way of being. On a higher level, she was ready to learn and let go… & in the process, began a dialogue with her heart and Spirit


The Mental level
In that moment of not expressing the emotion, we did so as there was a belief that said ‘it’s not appropriate’; ‘I can’t be powerful & still have needs!’ Whether this belief is true or not, our subconscious buys into it. Every time you try to change, or express in a different way – it sabotages you, by not finding the right words, or having a sore throat etc. These beliefs come from all parts of our lives – but sometimes before we were 8 years old, when our minds so innocently believed everything it was told. These beliefs become deeply embedded in our cellular memory & play out for the rest of our lives. Attracting challenging situations, physical illness, relationships that don’t work, financial limitations etc.

The Grand design here is that as easily as they are created & buried, they can be found, released- and new ones can be formed that allow you to nurture yourself, & manifest the reality that you desire!

We are also very powerful human beings in that we manifest by focusing our minds on what we want; we pour emotion into it and then let it go. The ‘Secret’ has brought this to the world’s attention. But I think what is important to note what your underlying beliefs are. If you do not believe you are worthy of something, you’ll sabotage yourself.

The second thing which I believe plays a large role in manifesting, is where you are in your life path & what is going on karmically and spiritually. There are times in our lives when things are blossoming & opening up, we find our purpose & the Universe fully supports that – so manifesting becomes easy. Where as, if there are lessons to be learnt from having lack, it seems that we visualize & affirm till the cows come home, nothing will happen. So there is also a spiritual undertone to manifestation- we are not the only power in the universe, & working in accordance with both will create flow….  which brings me to the Spiritual level.



The Spiritual levels

All traditions flow from one premise: that the Universe is made up of one, all-encompassing energy, intelligent and aware, existing  forever, as the source of everything.

This one Awareness keeps manifesting in different forms, is peaceful, blissful & loving – this is who we are & what we are part of.

As we journey through the blockages in our body, we discover a new connection to all:  our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

We begin to understand the innocent childlike quality that absorbs things – & we learn to parent ourselves. We learn that everything happens for a reason, & that even tough times brings their blessings in disguise. We are filled with gratitude and awe, want to nurture & grow this connection. To live more fully from our heart.

To be at one with the Awareness. To have it weaved in our everyday life. To be conscious, mindfull human beings.

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