There are 2 options for Private healing sessions with me.

The first is based on Kinesiology

& the second, on ancient Andean Energy Healing practices.

In the Andean healing sessions, I open to invite Pachamama (the earth) & other nature elements to clear away, heal & release with pure energy where you are needing it. A very different type of healing session.

Mostly my clients begin with Kinesiology, it’s a grounded place to get to know your path of healing & to discover the magical world of healing. Even Soul healing. Using muscle testing & a pendulum, means YOUR body is in charge & will guide the process.

Below you will find a more detailed explanation of both. But to compare:

I would say, that your head is more involved in Kinesiology. You need to be present as each thing comes up. It is an opportunity to be conscious of your sabotage patterns, where it is stored in your body – and why. How old you were when blockages began, & what they taught you. We discuss, you can question, we communicate & interact with all levels of your being. ie. your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. …and THAT’S TRANSFORMATIONAL on all levels!

Andean Healing sessions you get to lie back & allow the power of nature to heal where it knows you need healing. As it is pure energy work, you get to be with sensations, feeling energy moving, leaving – high frequencies coming in. Your head is generally out of the picture & allowing. This is more heart-based & surrendering – which of course, invites much larger forces to show up through the process. It is beautiful ancient. It is unique. And will take the time it needs.

I practice in my rooms in Fourways, Johannesburg – but I also have clients all over the world who do ‘skype’ sessions with me.

I work with clients who are WANTING deep transformation. 1 session is not enough, but a start. Generally everyone needs a group of sessions – it is a JOURNEY of transformation. I use kinesiology to check if you need another session & when. It is not up to me to decide.

And so from this respectful place, your healing can unfold in the best way for you!

See below for more info on each.



This technique uses Natural Tools such as Kinesiology (muscle testing), to tap into the body’s subconscious sabotage patterns, & then, through an energetic & neurological process, releases the pattern.

It’s a very simple but highly effective technique.

The part I like most about it is that it is respectful of one’s body. We think that consciously we either know the answers or reasons why we hold onto things, but our bodies & consciousness know better, AND in what order everything needs to unfold. Even when it comes to supplements or foods, we think we know what is good for us- but that is purely from a mental point of view; where as the body will know better, as it will answer holistically.

The sole purpose of Kinesiology, or muscle testing is to retrieve either a weak or strong response to data, or, a yes or no response from a statement. As time has unfolded however, it has been discovered that it is not only a response to the innate intelligence of the body, but also a general impersonal response to the ‘field of consciousness’ itself.

The client will state a belief system around an area of their lives-  where they feel challenged or blocked, or we touch a part of the body that’s hurting, & then test it to see what the response is: Weak or strong?

We want to know if you believe this negative statement?

We can ask questions & get answers from the body around any incident or part of our lives – even when we consciously don’t remember the event.

Once we understand how & what has been recorded by our subconscious & in the cellular memory of the body, we then simply release it using various release mechanisms, like energy healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or other healing techniques.  We can check supplementation or diet requirements.

Our bodies will guide us to heal & release in a way that is individual to us, unique to each blockage – & that will serve the whole!

Constantly intertwining the spiritual with our physical realities, helping us to manifest – in a way that works for not only the individual – but the whole too. Be it health, wealth, successful relationships, or just wellbeing. This is real holistic healing!


“After my session there have been a huge shift in me & my life. I am definitely gaining strength, feeling healthier & becoming a happier person. I am trying to fully let go, with a clear heart & mind. All I need to do now is stay strong, believe in myself.”

We are all affecting the world every moment,

whether we mean to or not.

Our actions & states of mind matter,

because we are so deeply interconnected.

Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we can do at any moment,

and being love is the supreme creative act!


Kinesiology sessions

address :

Physical symptoms: like Candida,

Thyroid imbalances/Weight issues

Rickettsiae/Chronic Fatigue/ME

Back pain/Fertility issues


Pain in general!

Feeling lost/Looking for connection

Money or Relationship issues

Panic attacks/Fears/Congestion

Opening Intuition/Trusting life

Loss/Midlife Crisis/Stress release

Clearing out/Energetically

Balancing Chakras/Alignment issues

Looking for Purpose/Grounding

Integrating after Plant Journey

Learning to listen/guided by the voice within

Finding your expression/creativity blocks

Connection with the Divine/God/Universe




This is completely different to kinesiology, as mentioned above. This is Andean, very ancient & is very feminine based. There is relatively little structure for the mind to understand. It is pure energy healing – and empowering!
It is heart-based. Requiring you surrender to the process. Pure energy work… channeled from nature!
These Andean Healing offerings clear away heavy & negative energies that have built up over time.
Pachamama, and her nature elements are brought in to clear up where needed.
Then we invite in high frequency Living Energy,
increasing the ‘Power’ into your body, blood, bones, and main energy centres, etc.
These sessions can balance the elements within the body ie. water, earth, air or fire are called in where there is lack.
Pathways for purpose are cleared. Much happens on levels we do not comprehend, but the healing is deeply profound and show up as we live our lives forward.
Sessions about 45 min/hour long, and happen in my rooms in Johannesburg (I have done it some techniques online, and was amazed at how they worksed. lol. I am still learning the ins and outs, so if you want online, ask me) 
See my blog on Hucha to understand more about heavy energy.
(click here)
“Phew that was SO different. I felt a heaviness collect at my feet, and when you put your Misha there, it released. And then so much light! I feel I can handle anything for the first time in ages. Thank you!”

People I work with, & ‘out there’ in society, often have a problem with the term ‘healer’. They either think healers should be ‘doing’ something to bring about a person’s health; OR quite the opposite – they can’t see how they can heal anyone?

What I know about being a good healer is this:

Want to know more about what is being cleared away in an Andean Healing sessions? Read here for more info….

Working with Hucha:

“It’s like the pieces are falling into place (as opposed to apart ;o) and there is a sense of peace.

I realise also – I must just believe in myself and the process – as opposed to always doubting.

Thank you so much for your support.”

“Thank you for the session yesterday, I am looking forward to experiencing the shifts.

I felt like I was hit by a truck last night…. not an uncommon feeling when I do deep energetic work, so not concerned.
I had a headache, and could feel all sorts of ‘movements’ in my body, things are definitely happening.
Always great to get external validation on guidance received.”

“I refer you to everyone, my family & friends will also contact you.
Your work is amazing!”


“I feel so blessed that you were sent to me as my healer at this time, so that I could sort myself out. I wanted to thank you again for leading me on the right path.”


“The unlocking, having acknowledged and clearing the issues at the session have helped so much.
I’m astonished at how clear it is now.

I had picked up on the guilt and regrets which were affecting me, but could not understand really why, let alone how to clear it.

Thank you so very much Karen. I truly appreciate your work. It is as if assisting me in setting me free and liberating me at some level.
Thought I’d share a little of my gratitude for it is heartfelt.”

“I wanted to say thank you so much for the work you do!
You really helped transform my energy in just one session which shifted the dynamic between me and my husband, and helped everything to flow much smoother!
Thanks again!
The session was amazing and just what I needed!”


“I don’t know how to thank you.

I am so calm and at peace.

I didn’t believe that you could get rid of my anger, loneliness and depression so easily.

But I feel none of those anymore.
Before I didn’t want to be alone.

This afternoon I am working on my own very contently.

My mind is not racing and analyzing, and I don’t feel lonely.

Thank you!

I look forward to seeing you again.”


“Thank you for being in my life.
For helping me.
For being so passionate about your purpose and being part of my journey over these last years.”

“Karen thank you so much for all your help. You are a gift to this world! ❤”

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