Pathways To Inner Mastery -8 week course

This 8 week ONLINE course is an invitation for you to empower yourself!

By mastering your inner realms:

to create, communicate, evolve & manifest with integrity!

Learn to guide yourself from within and

Create a life from a place of true power.

Tools & techniques to access deeper levels of mind,

incorporating your entire energy anatomy & deeper states of consciousness-

to open your intuition & communication channels to the source.

To tap into the tremendous potential inside you…

It will cover:

  • The physical aspects of the brain – learn how to access deeper states of consciousness
  • How to harness your powerful Alpha level & tap into the wealth of your subconscious
  • Practical energy anatomy – the Chakras & beyond (yes there’s more)!
  • Learn to meditate in a creative, unique way to you
  • Techniques to manifest your goals & dreams
  • Open up your creativity
  • Build your self esteem & confidence
  • Illuminate your imagination & creative visualisation
  • Develop your intuition, expand your unique psychic abilities & communicate with your inner core/soul
  • Easy relaxation, stress release techniques
  • Expand your concentration & focus
  • The feminine & masculine energies within
  • Heal yourself & others!
  • Problem solving…. & much, much more!

Discover a way of being that has a sense of profound excitement & awe, as we journey into our inner cosmos!


Pathways Introduction video:

Would you like more info on this amazing course? here

Anyone on a path of personal development knows these days, that the first step is a relaxed mind. And there are all kinds of tools to use to do just this. Cd’s/audios that calm the mind – in turn relaxing the body, and creating an opening of opportunity. Imagine a NATURAL technique that..

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April 2018

Next ONLINE course:

Beginning April 2018

Or a date that suits you, as it is online.

Fourways, Jhb

for 8 consecutive weeks.


How to reserve your place

Please email me before booking, to check for details








50% deposit to secure your place.

Please note, deposits are non-refundable, so be committed when you place your deposit.

You will receive an email confirming your place, and a preparation pack, with dates and times, what to bring and any other logistics you may require


How to pay

Pay pal/credit card facilities are available







If you are in South Africa, bank transfer/EFT is also welcome. With YOUR name as a reference + the course name – I will give you theses details when you email me to check availability


To Book or Enquire

Thank you for your message, I will reply as soon as I can from info at

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