The Foundation Workshop





This PACHAMAMA workshop holds the foundation of all learnings, teachings & practices for this Earth-based path. And is a requirement before going any further with most of the other Andean workshops in this school. (but not all)

The practices that are held within this Pachamama workshop, offer a solid foundation to communicate, rejuvenate, bond, build relationship with our beautiful Earth being & become part of the natural family of ALL life.

It is a beginner’s course for anyone new to this way of being with nature. Who is curious about the richness that this ancient Inka path offers. You will learn :

  • practices to build relationship with the earth and her family of nature /spirit beings- bringing healing, connection & deep guidance
  • why the Qero WANT us Westerners to learn these practices
  • their history & predictions to this point in time
  • the 7 levels of consciousness
  • Understanding how they view the world in reciprocity with nature, Ayni in Qechua -so we may remember our part and step into it’s power
  • practices for
    • healing
    • rejuvenating our depleted life force
    • aligning ourselves with the forces of nature and spirit
  • building up creative energy with which to manifest from – discovering a system that brings grace in manifesting our dreams- in cooperation & with support of Pachamama
  • learning about energy anatomy & personal power structures unknown to us in the Western world!
  • ceremony for living prayers
  • and being immersed in sacred space.

We as westerners, have forgotten our true connection with all of nature, so it means having to remember, & re-educate ourselves from the inside out. For 100’s of years our ancestors have ignored & slowly lost this knowledge.

Unlike the Andeans who grow up with this way of being, we now have to be pioneers, and teach ourselves once again for the generations to come. Returning ourselves back to a heart-centred way of living incorporated within the living Universe of the Pachamama. Where there is connection within, there is connection to all of life.

As an experienced facilitator with 30 years experience in group circles, I build with you, a safe container as you travel this journey from the head to the heart. So you can begin to weave yourself into – and let nature incorporate you into their family once again – consciously!

Most – if not all of us, have fallen asleep, allowing our egos to dominate and destroy. We now have to begin the journey home – inward towards the heart. And that takes time, patience and surrender.

It’s about learning these practices & theory, and embody them -putting them into ACTION!!!

I love this path because it is incredibly grounded and pragmatic! Not something to learn with our heads, to be all airy fairy & blissed out. It is an incredibly profound path back home, but we have to practice to embody the principles. Our planet needs us to! And so we will practice in between sessions, bring our experiences back to the group to share & learn from each other — and receive coaching where necessary.

The Pachamama foundation course is therefore spread over 2 weekends, about a month apart.

Friday evening & whole of Saturday for part 1.

Part 2 is 2 full days, Saturday and Sunday.

With an opportunity to join supportive community meetings once a month, on an ongoing basis afterwards.

The Pachamama workshop is also the basis for the ‘Paqo programme’. This programme is for those of you who wish to transform your lives, in a year long container- opening to a wholeness & a motherly love beyond our understanding.

This Pachamama workshop is a requirement before going to the next step of expanding your power on the ‘Golden Power workshop. It will give you techniques and practices that will be utilised on the other workshops, working with the Trees, healing the waters and many more.

It is time to be the change we wish to see in the world!  – but also, I think we owe it to the generations ahead of us, to bring this way of being back into the human experience and history to come.


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