Would you believe me if I told you that more than 2 years before receiving these beautiful Goddess Rites of the Ancient Inka, I began preparing for them! I attracted some of the tools I needed, without even realising what they were. And there was a newspaper article about a Mestiza- a female Peruvian Paqo (shaman)  whose grave had been opened ”by chance”, discovering a priestess surrounded by all her tools, and confirming her place in the 12 sacred mountains of the Sacred valley – as a female Apu! This is a big deal considering most are masculine. It marked the opening of the Feminine on a Universal scale! (2014) and I kept this article, and over the years began building a relationship with her.

I also began to hear the whisperings of these feminine Goddess energies. When the name Miskayani was mentioned my ears pricked up, and I immediately reserved this domain name. It was bizarre 2 years in advance- I really had very little clue what it was about – just that it was ‘right’.

A friend of mine returning from Peru, asked if there was anything I wanted from there. I had been fascinated by some strange Inkan tools and sent him a photo, not thinking he would find any. But he did- and strangely enough, in a different stone. A white quartz. I played with them over the years, not really knowing how to access their wisdom, but was just fascinated by them. They soothed my heart.

Over the years I heard of one or 2 local people who gave the Nusta rites. But my intuition strongly said, receive these from the Qero, not an western facilitator.

As you may have noticed over the pages of this website/and my path, authenticity has become very important with me. I have learnt the hard way the shadow of Western Andean teachers, who manipulate and change the original practices. Letting their heads get involved, they modify the techniques, thinking it helps Westerners – but  (unknowingly) erase the power contained within the practice. So I knew it had to be the real deal, for it to be pure.

When I went back to Peru in 2018, I searched for a Qero Master who could gift me with authentic Karpays, and ended up with a true Master Qero, a Kurak Akuyek, who’s Lineage had held these feminine rites for generations. Waiting for when us westerners would be in need of them. It was such coincidence that I found him, but he was thee teacher- and thee teacher for me- I had once again been guided.

As I left South Africa on my trip to Peru, I asked him if there was anything I need to bring with. I was told to find Muyu Khuyus- if possible in white stone. They are strange looking carved stones –  Guess what I had owned for 2 years? Yes, my white mysterious Inka stones. Such a huge confirmation that the Nustas were not only communicating ahead of time to train me, but were waiting to work with me.

I felt an immediate connection with Don Mariano, a heart connection. I just felt so much love. Between him and the Nustas there was simply a beautiful rich loving energy.

So he begins giving me the rites, BUT then starts telling me the steps and what is involved in initiating. I was really surprised, and asked him why. I was there to receive only. No he said, I would be giving these rites to many people, so it was important I knew what to do, and that he must teach me. I had not expected this and so hadn’t come prepared. I had no notebooks or way to record them, but he said not to worry, the Nustas would guide me- and I could just ask him in my dreams, and he would teach me. This would be authentic. Phew ok, not something I know how to do (learn inside dreams) , but there I was, so I went with the flow. ;o) I trusted it and just opened to receive the rites.

They were so beautiful. Yes I am aware I keeping using this word. Beauty comes from the heart. It is an act of love. Of seeing love where we perceive. And that is what these rites were. Beautiful.

And with each rite, I felt deeply connected to each Nusta. Each Mountain Nusta Spirit. Each water Goddess. I discovered that Mama Simona as I called her- the relationship I had been building with the Feminine Apu (from the article all those years back) was the Goddess of Lineages- of clearing out ancestral lines! …both Don Mariano and I laughed together as we felt her powerful energy arrive in the room, to call us close to her. He was amazed to hear that I had planned to walk- to pilgrimage to her in the days after. (without knowing what my connection was going to be) He was told he ‘should’ be doing the same as me. Hence the laughter- and the connection.

Once completed, he asked me which has been the strongest Nusta Rite for me, but they all had bowled me over. The only thread through them all, was that my heart opened for each regardless of the element. It was beyond my expectations or understanding.

When I walked to Mama Simona’s peak in the days after, there were many eagles that flew over or around me. And it has continued in South Africa. Not only eagles, but birds of many feathers, show up when I am offering the rites to someone. Once 2 grey Loeries flew around the crown of my head, and left. Leaving us in awe and me laughing at the shocked faces. I am learning I do not need to know why, I just feel heart warmed- that there is an interaction from the forces of nature. I am serving and on the right path. It is all that matters, and the magical experiences confirm the loving connection.

And yes! …in the beginning when I was doing the rites -here, on another continent !- I would be shown, or I would have dreams of what to do. I would wake up remembering Don Mariano having guided me. Or synchronicities would occur when I was with the participant that would guide me where to put my hands, or use condor feathers. When I left Don Mariano gave me his tools, saying I would need them. That they held the energy of so many generations and lineages back, they would bring the nustas to me at an even deeper level. And they have.

I also discovered my aversion to having my rites done by western facilitators was well founded. Most are advertised as ‘downloading’ the Nustas into the chakras. And then the Nustas become identified with the Chakras, and their true expression gets lost in the western meaning of these energetics. A large amount of facilitators are not Andean trained, so they know little of the Andean energy anatomy or how to activate them. So for efficiency sake they use the chakras. So it’s important to note:

But the Qeros don’t use chakras. They have their own energy anatomy -which to me makes a lot more sense (you will learn about it on the workshop). They use these nawi’s as doorways to your bubble to invite the Nustas in. So you have authentic connection directly to each of them. You meet their true expression. Taking it to a much deeper level of transformation! Thank you to my intuition and whoever was guiding me. I see our world is so filled with western, head heavy, masculine modalities and influences, that just grows the mind and our egos even more than the healing that’s required. I really wanted the pure feminine energy- and when you receive it, you understand: that these feel like nothing we’ve ever known in the west. It’s really a blessing and a gift from the Qero Inka people.

For 3 or 4 months after I returned home, I was in this bubble of love and nurturing energy. I really felt like someone had enveloped me in pink feathers. It wasn’t ungrounded or blissed out. I could just feel this constant presence.

And when I offer the rites, I feel them. But like now when I write with this focus, I feel their beautiful energy profoundly again, and all flows. It is an interdependent presence. I feel the Nustas with me, but I also feel a strength within me. I think my feminine expands -bringing a strong guidance to whatever is in front of me.

These Nustas have taught and guided me to a much deeper understanding and experience of feminine power. I am able to hold my boundaries in a much healthier way.

But now don’t get me wrong- its not all roses and light. There have been some very strong experiences and process too. For quite a few weeks, I felt like everyone around me had such huge egos! I kept seeing the competitive egos, being greedy and arrogant- until I realised the mirror, lol. Then I began looking at myself, in a way that was beyond my head. Noticing my egoic tendencies – my need to feel important or seen. My need for validation. And to be in control. Oooo I cringe now to think about it. But that is the joy of being human, and growing up in a world where egos are out of control, thanks to the masculine drive. Regardless of our sex, we have grown into this mold. Where the masculine is the dominating, competitive, aggressive, always pushing, doing- analysing!!! uggh. It is so engrained in us, in me, I didn’t see it, until Dona Mujia (Nusta of water) turned up the volume of my perception, to see it.

Slowly I started to let go, to chip away, to let go. …and of course I will continue. There is never an end- as long as I live in this human form, I have this ego. But I can shift the balance, to be its master and not it’s slave. To find positive sides to it- I like it’s container. But my heart and my feminine is where it is safe at a Soul level, regardless of outer experiences.

I am always so glad when the next group or individual steps forward to receive these Nusta Karpays. It really is the most beautiful gift I can offer another Soul, And in doing the rites, the Nustas arrive in their gentle force, with their fierce compassion and tender love. Leaving the client in a bubble of love – and me at home, in a deeper and deeper place every time.

How lucky I am….and you can have your own experience of these rites. This is mine, and you will discover yours. They are always perfectly timed for what each individual requires. It will respectfully heal you where you need healing. Nature is truly incredible and miraculous to witness.

I offer these Nusta Karpays in group workshops and private sessions. Regardless of your sex – it is for everyone. I offer them here in Johannesburg, in South Africa and travel to other continents.  So get in touch if you fell drawn. I can promise you will receive a direct initiation from the Qeros- no Western influence or tampering. Just pure Nusta energy.

Trust me when I say, your heart will guide you.

It’s a matter of listening when something calls.

We may not understand, but we feel the pull, and know it is our turn next.

Click here for more info on workshops or private sessions with the Nusta Karpays. 

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