Healing With the Elements



Opening to the Healing Power of Nature with Andean Practices & Ceremony

As a healer with 30 years experience, I have seen many miracles – but in the last decade as I have included the power of nature into my work, it has surpassed my expectations. Not only can nature heal – but it does it in a way that is most respectful to the individual and their path. It is so beautiful to step out of the way, to let the elements dance where they need to – to not process or confine the healing to an egoic understanding. Instead opens doors of the heart, to a journey of  deep soul healing AND a bonding with nature, so that participants begin to feel welcomed into life, safe in a container while they transform, Developing a trust in life, and finding family!

A balancing of the feminine and masculine within begins, bringing a guidance and belonging back we didn’t know was missing until we found it again!

This workshop is an opportunity to restore ourselves to wholeness, by healing with the elements of  Earth, Water, Air and Fire within us. In such a way that we do not do it alone, but includes the beings of nature in the process! Nustas (Goddesses) and patriarchal Fathers hold much wisdom and support if only we knew how to dance and connect with them.

As a Pampamesayoq (Earth Guardian/Healer and priest) my initiations and training has introduced me to each element- and then with time, built relationship with me, so that now, we are a team that supports transformation in others.

And so in this workshop we are going to do the work to release, clear and rejuvenate with simple practices.  With a Pampamesayoq present, you will have the opportunity through ceremony and practices to welcome the support of these nature beings. Transforming you in ways that are just right for you!

Next workshops:

March & April

Johannesburg – 7th & 8th March

Near Jeffrey’s Bay – 21st & 22nd March

Cape Town – April 4th & 5th 

Saturday & Sunday 10am for the day

Restoring balance within you, by healing with the power of Nature.


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