Healing Our Waters


A day-long workshop to learn about the energetic world of water,

balance your own within,

as well as the larger collective.

Take part in a Water Blessing Ceremony, a rare form of Despacho, dedicated to the water in our Environment.

Doing our part as Guardians of the land. 


70% of our bodies are water, 70% covers the Earth, that’s a lot of water element to not consciously take care of!

Using Andean methods, Western techniques, meditations, sound, crystals & a rarely seen water Despacho, we will begin to balance the water within us.

Then we will do our part to raise consciousness for our planet and the whole, by visiting a river in a reserve, and beginning the healing journey for the outer too. Raising consciousness to share with the collective waters.

I am sure we are all aware of how much the waters are out of balance on our planet. Drought, floods, contamination…the list goes on. It’s reflects our unconscious realms where we are out of balance inside. See the story link below.

We have forgotten as Westerners about our connection. About rituals of gratitude – for something we have taken for granted.

We have to start somewhere.

The Qero (from the Andes Mountains of Peru) centre their traditions & lifestyle around ayni – ayni is the giving and receiving with all realms of nature. Reciprocity is an exchange not only between humans, but ALL the nature realms too. So we are going to work & bond with nature…with water.

This work aligns itself with Dr Emoto’s  research, proving that all water is connected. We damage some, it effects the rest. We cannot heal within, without effecting the outer – and vica versa.  And so we are going to put this into practice – and begin a journey of healing with Pachamama’s blood – her waters!

It’s simpler than you think. That’s the power of water. The power in her simplicity….and the power in our intentions!

Let’s put in into action. Join me…

A Water Story….


There was a drought in a village.

They sent for a rainmaker who was known to live in the farthest corner of the land, far away.

(Of course that would be so, because we never trust a prophet who lives in our region; he has to come from far away).


So he arrived & found …


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