Solo & Earth Transformation Games

There’s been a lot of magic going on in my life for a while now….well maybe all my life lol, but it stepped up a few notches when a client asked if she could play the Transformation Game on her own – a Solo Game.

I have only been facilitating group games because I felt that was where the most benefit unfolded – and when you are new to the game, it is the best place to start. You have support while you transform, BUT you also transform through the other players processes unconsciously. Very often they hold an intention that you have ticking in the back ground, and so the mirror is exposed and cleared –as well!

So when I was approached to facilitate a Solo Game at the end of a group game, I said yes…. I was curious too. And to my delight the Universe/Deva of the Transformation Game showed me how ready individuals are, to take full responsibility- and to clear core issues. It is the deepest work I have ever seen you, my clients do! Yes even after only a few years of facilitating this version, I can see the miraculous power of this Solo game.

Of course, there has been a timing to when we, as a human community were ready for this diving board. …and let me kid you not , this version is intense. There are no other players to rescue you, when you are stuck in depression with no awareness tokens. There is just you daring, and having the courage, to face yourself and find a way to heal. It ALWAYS works out. And strangely enough, for those who really want to heal, it has become their favourite version….. well so far lol. Because then the Pachamama version came knocking 18 months ago…..

In a Solo Game, there was a very unusual sequence of events, landing on a square that happened ….there were no instructions at all, in my entire file. So we went forward under the guidance of the TG Deva, and then after the Player finished for the day, I went and dug around in my notes and manuals from decades ago. Boxes that I hadn’t opened for years, to see if I could figure out what happened in her game….when I found this box! Yes a mysterious box. Wooooo – As I opened it, it slowly dawned on me. I vaguely remember getting it during my training- maybe even before when I first arrived in Findhorn in the 90’s, and I stashed it away – and completely forgot I even had it!!!! Yes many exclamation marks here, lol.

When I opened it, I began to remember:

it’s an Earth-Solo Transformation Game.

You play alone, facilitated by me, but with Pachamama – the Earth- as the other player! And it is INCREDIBLE.

You have your unconscious envelope, Pachamama has a Collective Unconscious envelope. There are 3 more scorecards which include the Intuitive, Love & Unity levels – as well as the grounded Physical, Emotional and Mental levels, along with other things.

As you move through the game, it begins to show you what your purpose is. What your part is in the transformation of the collective unconscious – as well as begin to understand the holographics of the Universe around you. As you heal, so the collective heals. And what part you can play in it….etc.

It holds deep, deep, meaning and profound holding. It is almost hard to put into words. The last person who played what he called the ‘Pachamama’ Transformation Game last week, managed these words in his testimonial:

“Wow! The best way to describe my experience with playing the Pachamama Transformation game is, to use Karen’s word, holographic. Every session of this game felt like it was being played on 100 different levels at the same time. True to her ability to hold an incredible, transformational space in the group Transformation Games, Karen holds the holographic space of the Pachamama Game with grace and presence, offering remarkable and insightful observations and guidance – not an easy task, given the layers and levels that it is taking place on! She was the perfect link between me, Pachamama and possibly the entire universe. I trust Karen implicitly on every step of my journey, and am so grateful for the new and wonderful tools and wisdom she has to offer at every turn.”

Thanks B.

I feel so grateful for my path, how it has opened up to be able to support you to heal –AND the earth- and the community of souls that dare to walk a path of awakening. I look back now and see the perfection. I wasn’t ready to facilitate T. Games with the Earth in the earlier years, as my relationship had not developed enough yet.

Through the Andean tradition of course, my strongest relationship now is with Pachamama. And so this strength is brought into this exquisite version of the Transformation Game. Transforming you on levels you didn’t know were possible.

So how does it all work? Well, first you need to have played a group Game, so you begin to know the rules. Then you play a Solo game so you build a strength (you didn’t know you had!) to be able to hold yourself. And then if you wish to go further, you play a Pachamama Game. These are the official rules, and I understand why the creators of the Transformation Game enforced it. W

hen you play the Earth Solo Game, you will be glad that you are not worrying about the rules and the guidelines, and can simply transform and witness what unfolds within and around you.

We play with 3 or 4 sessions, over a few weeks or a month. You will be glad to have the integration time in between, trust me. The times and dates chosen by you, in increments of 2 or 3 hour sessions at a time.

Really …it is awe inspiring.

So let me know if you would like to play- and begin the ball rolling towards not only transforming  life-long patterning that you have been holding within your core – but also beginning to understand the wider tapestry and your part in it.

Healing within – and healing with the outer.


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