Courage is your willingness to not know.
To speak your truth. To walk your path.
To face ridicule and rejection.
To keep going, despite the voices in your head and the judgements of others.
And there are no guarantees you will make it.
Nobody can walk for you!
You walk in radical aloneness, naked in the face of life, no protection, no crutches, no external authority.
No ideology to save you.
No promises anymore.
Only the beating of the heart, and the air in the lungs, and the thrill and terror of being utterly free, and no longer numb.
And a knowing from deep within.
And the call of your ancestors.
And the the ground holding you.
And the Sun warming you.
And the fragrance of love everywhere.
And warm tears running down your cheeks.
And this gorgeous vulnerability
which makes you unbreakable.

~ Jeff Foster

Posted Oct. 29 on Karen’s facebook page. Click here for more beautiful words….

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