The ancient Andean way……
This beautiful tradition encourages ”Ayni’ – the reciprocity between us, Pachamama and all of nature.
We as humans give and receive.
As does Pachamama, the earth.
As we dance this dance, we feel connected, grounded and expanded!
Coming into intimate relationship with nature, her living energies & Divine consciousness.
It’s an incredibly rich & ancient path….
Handed down orally over thousands of years….
This path will invite you to master yourself & the living energy world you are part of….supporting you to find balance, healing & a beautiful sense of belonging to nature & the wider Universe. 
You will be learning and experiencing an ancient path to healing & connection, that you could not imagine. It is beyond our Western culture. Our understanding – it is a heart based- interconnected, deeply profound journey.
I was lucky enough to receive an invite to pilgrimage with the Qero, to represent Africa -and hold the light for our nation, as we trekked to the highest & most revered mountain, Apu Ausengate.(Mountain range featured above). There, I was initiated under this teacher Mountain. …and continue to be initiated as I was struck by lightening the year after …and other amazingly miraculous initiations, rites & experiences.
Without being aware I was becoming a Chakaruna: literally ‘bridge person’, connecting the energy of the Andes with that of the West, supporting people to travel from the mind to the heart.. A Chakaruna is always exploring this reality to connect with the beauty & perfection of creation. They help people connect to the spirit world.
Officially (if one can say that on this path), I am also a PampaMesoq, initated as a healer, teacher & mystic ‘priest’….but my title remains Paqo – a path to Pachamama, Munay (love) and healing that will keep unfolding until I die, I am sure.
The lightening sped up my path, and after learning through many teachers searching for authenticity, finally have found 6th level, genuine Qero teachers & teachings through the Mountain Lineages. Although I have completed the ‘training’ with them, I return to Peru later this year to receive the Ayni Rimanakuy, the middle path initiations- learning about Munay and how to bring it to the larger consciousness of humanity.But this in no way completes my path as I integrate and discover layer after layer of a profound art.
There are many ways to discover more if you are curious. You will find more information with each offering paged below -there are blogs to read, and ways to lightly plug in…
Come join me for a Despacho, a ceremony creating a living prayer in gratitiude, using elements from nature. Setting intention for manifestation -and letting go through fire, burial in the earth or water. 
Receive the seeds of empowerment through the Munay Ki Rites. Or
Join the Paqo course -10 x once a month workshops to learn the Andean way.
As I share this exquisite path with you, you will find ways from within to embrace it & learn a new energy language. Empowering yourself, as you too embody this very natural way of being. It’s a process of remembering our connection with nature and Pachamama.
After 8 years of studying & embodying the Andean tradition within my own life, I see how remarkable, simple AND life changing this has been. I hope to share it with you – and serve Pachamama.
It is very exciting and beautiful. … a different way of learning. It develops within you in the time you need, in the order you need. integration will happen for months and years afterwards. Bringing everything together into a synergy and a wholeness!

Despacho…what is it?

I call it a living prayer. A way to send our gratitude and wishes out to the Universe!

Using a piece of paper that represents the plane we live on, elements like soil, quinoa, flowers etc are placed in a mandala,  that represent nature, animals, abundance, the richness that the earth, sky, stars, sun, water and all elements give us. ..etc….

Then each person enters their own wishes by breathing their prayers into something from nature. This is placed into the despacho, which is then closed up and either buried or burnt. Releasing the prayers….creating abundance and manifestation.

Most participants walk away fee heart-filled, peaceful and grounded.

Come join us as I build one over the full moon, the solstice – or for a private session booked by you for any reason you wish.

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Paqo: Masters of Living Energy

Paqos are Mystics and Healers, who follow an ancient Andean path to healing, embodying & interacting with nature & Divine consciousness.

Aiming to become a 6th level being.

A higher dimensional way of being which we all hope our planet will hold one day.

This is a self development training once a month, over 10 months, to discover this beautiful way of living, A way of remembering our connection with nature and incorporating it ‘again’ back into our lives.

On this training you will learn tools & techniques, build relationships & connections to embody Ayni & become one with nature.

Raising your vibration & life force!

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Imagine planting seeds of consciousness within you, to open up your path in a respectful way, in the perfect timing to your own needs & growth. Expanding your potential & connection!
In this workshop we are going to plant, learn how to nourish these seeds & integrate their power wisely.
The Munay-Ki is a series of nine Empowerment rites
based on the initiatory practices of the Qero Paqo’s (Shamans) of Peru.

Donna Maria was my first Qero female teacher….she shared the most amazing experiences with us on becoming an Altomesayoq- AND as a female in a masculine dominated lineage. She was one of the Qeros who held & healed me in preparation for my pilgrimage & initiation to Ausengate. A little dynamite package who overtook us climbing mountains! Her singing- calling Pachamama & Apus etc is hauntingly beautiful….have a listen… ? if you can’t hear the audio, follow the link, it is on my facebook page:

La nación Q’ero, en las alturas de Cusco, es considerada el último ayllu de los incas y su autoridad espiritual máxima es una mujer de 91 años llamada María Apaza, la interlocutora de los Apus. Hoy en Somos ►

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