It’s 2018, firstly I can’t believe I have been a healer & teacher for 27 years!

….and secondly, can’t believe that here I am following a Shamanic path & offering ancient Andean teachings.

Want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!

Peru & the Andean tradition:

Currently I am a Teqse Paqo, a Chakaruna, Pampamesayoq & always a Paqo…..

I have always felt attracted to Peru since a child, it was no 1 on my bucket list – although I didn’t know why! …& so initiating into the Andean Tradition 2012 instantly made me feel at home!

My first trainings were not so deep, but I was curious & so intuitively I began practising them daily, adding & exploring ways to go deeper. I taught myself – and watched as there huge reactions in myself and my life-  and I could see that something profound was unfolding – although I didn’t understand it. It seems so crazy that I did this on my own, but I just followed what felt right and let my heart guide me. I look back now and see how nature supported and began teaching me- I just had to listen.

It all came so naturally to me as I worked with the elements & Pachamama. I initiated as a Pampamesayoq – (healer, teacher, ‘priestess’ offering Despachos) and began practising, sharing with others what I was learning.

I was invited by the Qeros – or actually I should say Apu’s (Mountain spirits) as they communicated the message to come pilgrimage with the Qero Paqo’s  for 5 weeks in 2015. The main focus over 5 weeks was purification & learning, and once we were ready, were initiated under Apu Ausengate – the great Teacher. What a trip – it took me a year to integrate!

And without becoming aware, I have become a Chakaruna: literally a ‘bridge person’, connecting the energy of the Andes with that of the West, supporting people to travel from the mind to the heart.. A Chakaruna is always exploring this reality to connect with the beauty & perfection of creation. They help people connect to the spirit world.

Then everything began to speed up- & I was hit by lightening

– a sign calling me to Andean ‘Shamanism’.

It is like someone turned up the volume,  I was (& still am) learning so richly & intensely. I’m hungry. And the more I ask, the more comes to me. Material, books, manuals and teachers ‘come’ to me as I put out my foot for the next step. At one point I felt obsessed, as I was studying ancient manuals, reading books, on a training & going to initiations at the same time. They all fitted together, but phew what a passionate time.

It feels very intense as I awaken ‘old’ ancient memory within me, and listen as I am guided by these wise spirits. Whether it is to ancient material and techniques. My path has been shown to me- bringing healing to groups and to the Earth. I still am in awe I am on this path.

I returned to Peru this August 2018 after another invite from what I feel are the most authentic Qero/ teachers, I have known to date. It was a private trip to be initiated as a Teqse Paqo- Teqse is ‘universal’ – as opposed to working with an individual, group, town or country. To raise consciousness within myself, to then take out to groups. … as part of their ancient prophecies: That the next Andean Paqos would be from the west. 

My Andean teachers include Juan Nunez del Prado, Don Mariano Qispe, Don Benito Qoriwaman, Don Manuel Qispe, Donna Maria,  Adolfo Ttito Condori, and many more. 

I intend embodying these teachings, sharing & passing them onto you in the most authentic way possible. There are many that have manipulated this exquisite material, to make it more Western. But I feel that keeping it authentic, brings deep personal power and transformation. And so I have sought out, through trial and error, until I have initiated, and learnt from the most wisest, Qero’s. 

We are the change we are looking for. Right! And serving Pachamama and humanity the most richest path I could have asked for. Thank you. x

But of course, my career has spanned over 27 years now, so….here’s the rest of the info if you want to know me more. ;o)

After becoming bored with my ‘first’ career as an Interior Architect,  I began teaching Alpha Mind Dynamics in 1992, and discovered I had a natural talent for teaching!

I realised I couldn’t do the day job anymore, so began training as a healing practitioner…and I am surprised to say that I still passionately love what I do!

…. I have become an expert in Transformation on any level. 

Building trust in my intuition & connections, deepening relationship with the Divine, finding the courage & practical ways to step in – to guide people back from where they have been stuck or unhealthy, transforming themselves, has been intriguing.

Transformation is not only something I have been through intimately many times in my own life – but that I have witnessed with hundreds of clients. That alone has been a PHD of learning and experience I never expected.

These days as I explore my beloved Andean Path – my close relationship with the Earth, the elements & the nature kingdoms, & I have come to realise:

We heal for ourselves, each other & the planet. Nothing is isolated. All is connected. What we do for one, we do for all.

As challenging as my life has been in ‘training’ me for the part I play, I feel deeply grateful I chose to be here & serve at this time.

Karen WeinmanThe finer details:

Training in Mind development:

As a Workshop Leader with Alpha Dynamics –a training which uses the mind to manifest and heal. To me it was a course that opened up communication with the heart – it was not something that we intentionally taught, but I could feel it in myself & see it in the thousands of people that I facilitated.

The numbers on my workshops rose from 8 in a group, to 350 in a matter of a few years,  it was hugely fulfilling & purposeful.


Then as a Body Alignment Practitioner from 1995, using Kinesiology (muscle testing), pendulum use and other energy therapy tools, I had a full time healing practice in Johannesburg & Cape Town.

I saw first hand the miracles that occurred from identifying the source of blocked energy in the body – in both human and animals.


My first clients after qualification, were abused monkeys & Apes from a pharmaceutical company, and then with an organisation that rescued birds of prey. It is very inspiring to work with animals – I still do today, in amoungst the hundreds of clients – although it’s mainly domesticated animals. Like young children, animals have much to teach us about how simple it is to release & practice unconditional love – helping us to heal! (see this blog for more)

Findhorn Foundation:

I then moved to Findhorn, an international spiritual & adult educational community in the north of Scotland. I lived as a residential member for 5 years, focusing on the world of group dynamics, spirituality & self -development/ Adult Education. My trainings there (there were many!) included:

  • Conflict Resolution, Spiral Dynamics
  • Group Transformation facilitation,
  • Buddhism and other spiritual paths,
  • Nature Devas,
  • 4 day conferences on ‘Death & Dying’, Forgiveness & more
  • Mandalas, Painting from Within,
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Process Orientated Psychology(POP),
  • Women/development of the Feminine/Masculine within, and Sexuality Groups;
  • The Money Game, Green Living, Ecology, etc to name a few.

We practiced daily living in harmony with the planet on all levels, with all realms of nature,

while being dedicated to being as human as possible on a spiritual path.

Due to serious illness (Shaman’s disease) I left Findhorn, otherwise I might still be there today – but Africa is in my blood, I couldn’t ignore the homesickness anymore.

I also worked with Neal’s Yard Remedies based in London, studying Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Herbal remedies, as well as other healing modalities.

The death of my Parents & other family brought me back to South Africa – where I feel my life purpose lies.

I now offer personal healing sessions to those wanting to raise their consciousness: Midwifing those making the journey from the head to the heart. I am also a natural Soul Healer.

Not a path I would choose easily – I suppose it chose me.

As a result I have worked with hundreds of people, the demographics are very wide.

I am often invited by companies & groups to do talks; have appeared in Oprah magazine, and was interviewed in CNBC Africa, amoungst many others.

Then, weaved through my life is the phenomenal Transformation Game.

Over the last 18 years I’ve played or facilitated small groups, groups of 12, community size /Planetary games etc, in Findhorn where the game originates, & in South Africa with small groups.

This is such a powerful tool for transformation, I never tire of being involved with it & seeing what blossoms in front of me. (see dedicated page). The mystery school is always fascinating, creative & profound!

And now the Solo and Solo/Earth versions have come to me – they have shown up as the clients are ready – and when my relationship with Pachamama was deep enough.


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