Dear God,

As we walk this earth we have lost our connection to our roots. We have lost our connection to Mother Nature.

In attempts to grow and find comfort, we have lost the ability to listen and hear the needs of the forests, the mountains, and the seas. We were self-absorbed in bettering our living conditions that we forgot to care for life itself.

As we awaken to this truth, we look around and witness the destruction we have caused to the oceans, the jungles, the animals and our brothers and sisters.

At this moment, as we offer this prayer, our destruction continues and this devastation expands with no end in sight. We ask to awaken and shift our behavior.

We ask to wake up before it might be too late.

We were placed here as guardians of this land; shepherds of peace and progress. Help us evolve without the need to destroy. Help up advance without hurting our surroundings.

We wish to be of assistance and not the cause for further despair.


Dear Angels of Nature and Harmony, help us let go of our greed and insatiable hunger for more.

Remind us of our truest nature and bring us back to feel the pain within the trees; help us hear the aching singing of the birds.

Calling for our awakening, beckoning us to find inner peace.

Within our reach and within our resources we already have the solutions we seek; we already have more than we can use.

Remind us of our place within your Divine Plan, help remember and live in harmony.

Let us empower our indigenous tribes, our last remaining hope and the real remedy we truly seek. These giants of spirit safeguard the medicines that we so desperately need. They stand with pride and live in joy. As their connection to nature has never ceased to flourish. They hear the song of the animals; they listen to the whisper of the wind. These warriors of light hold sacred each leaf and each tree; they bless our waters and consecrate the sea.

Help us awaken and remember their birthright of shepherding us back to ourselves.


Dear God,

We come united and commit to living under a different light.

We wish to inspire and empower; we wish to surrender our need to control and govern.

We ask of Mother Nature to envelop us within her care; to remind us of our truth and feed our starving hearts.

Let this moment be one of reclamation, a reminder of our innate bond with all living beings, all living creatures. With each plant, with each tree.

Of you Mother Earth, we ask for forgiveness, bring us back to our nature so life can be, once again, celebrated in peace.

Thank you, life.


KKarrel: Dedicated to the indigenous tribes and the medicine carriers.

pic JWium

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