A Heart Mind Revolution- I think we’re in one. Don’t you agree?

It seems to me that as this time on our planet unfolds, more & more people are looking to develop a new way of being. We’re either stuck, or in chaos  – or greed.

The time of being dominated by this harsh, masculine energy of the mind, is slowly coming to an end. And let me be clear: this is not about Male rule, but this masculine energy within each of us- no matter what body we exist in. We actually have both masculine & feminine energies within us – but this way of life where the masculine energy rules, dominating for centuries, is limiting, & breaking each other -& our beautiful planet – so the tide needs to turn.

We are discovering – the hard way unfortunately – this isn’t working anymore. The old way of disconnecting from our emotions, so we can make logical rational decisions, may feel easier in the moment but is not always inclusive or caring…. it just gives us another opportunity to control -ourselves & our environment.

And don’t get me wrong, we need our heads, our masculine energies, to put things into action. But the heart is in tune with the larger picture. Reminding of us of our ‘Oneness’; an awareness to be balanced, creative & sensitive. On the other hand though, if we only lived from our hearts, our lives would be quite unstructured. Full of creativity, yes! – but not necessarily grounded in this reality.

True, it would be passionate, emotional & guided. We’d listen to our inner voice – using our feminine energy – but then we’d need the masculine energy to carry out the dream. To make sure it manifested with clarity & precision. We need to learn to operate with both.

The heart & mind working together; masculine & feminine energies balanced within each of us, in Humanity- & therefore on our

opening the door to our hearts

opening the door to our hearts

planet. What a goal to strive for!

Do y0u know how the balance is within you? Are you top heavy- letting your head rule? Not allowing your heart to speak out & express its beauty?

Don’t you think it’s time to become more conscious & find the balance? One where we dance with the head AND the heart; one where we operate in cahoots with Universal Consciousness!

That it’s time to open up to a revolution that is rippling through us all?

A Heart & Mind revolution:  how delicious …and welcome!


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