With all the change unfolding these days, we are being offered wonderful opportunities to grow beyond our expectations – but when we get caught up in in the process, it can be quite overwhelming. Every day –every minute becomes a chance for healing & spiritual practice, right?

To chose love over fear….

To find our true power!

….which brings me to the Andean Healing Arts. You see,

this tradition uses a whole other set of energy anatomy!

They are in different places: they are belts and eyes- and power centres, amongst others.

These energetic structures hold capacities for us to grow our powers!

The Paqos (Andean shamans/priests) hold Ayni as the core of their existence too. Ayni is all about reciprocity- the energetic community & exchange we have with every living being, nature, the earth (Pachamama) etc. We are not only connected with it, but vitally, if we consciously interact in Ayni, we bring healing to ourselves AND to our environment.

We empower ourselves, our community and nature simultaneously.

A very whole-some cosmology! 

So to Paqos, it is important to grow our feminine power structure, to build relationship with all of nature. …as we interact and build our relationships, we expand our energy systems and build our power centres. And then we use our power to give back…keeping Ayni flowing.

For example, one layer of this energy anatomy holds our 3 main powers as humans, which  include

our minds, (our higher intelligence & intuition)

our Munay – (the will to choose where we send the love we generate)

and our doing (action).

When all 3 are in balance, we will feel centred and in complete harmony within ourselves and our environment.

This is an incredibly intelligent system way beyond our chakra system. There are another few layers of energy anatomy that too hold more power capacities. We begin to learn about them on the Empowerment Rites of the Munay Ki.

Hence why the Munay Ki is such a wonderful place to start learning about both ayni and this energy anatomy.

Planting seeds of Consciousness, the Empowerment rites includes transmissions with Pachamama, with the mountains, the stars and all kinds of animals and archetypes…and more!

It is a learning that becomes a beautiful journey of healing and connection. Finding peace, belonging and spiritual family too.

And of course, for those of you who simply want to heal or expand these energy systems, or experience Nature’s power of transformation via a private session, you can come to an initiated Paqo, like myself- a Pampamesayoq, who brings the strength of Ceqe lines (human ley lines) – my energetic connection with nature forces into a healing environment for you.

I’m sure you know how you feel after a long walk through nature – balanced!

Nature heals us on all these levels of power- not just our heads- and that is incredible. So with intention, working with this form of healing, we can bring about deep, soulful transformation.

We may not always understand in the moment how it is doing it, but after a while we see the perfection as they heal from a high level of consciousness, balancing all our inner realms simultaneously -and always in the perfect timing for you!

So these Nature forces are welcome in my kinesiology sessions. ;o)  And for those of you who would like to explore the next step of empowerment and healing, I offer pure Andean Healing sessions – and the Empowerment Rites.

ANDEAN HEALING SESSIONS – email me for cost and bookings or…

Dates to be chosen by you, the participants.

3 Saturdays or Sundays

Either 14th, 20th or 27th Oct. ,  or 11th Nov.

10 – 4pm-ish 

Groups size is kept small for quality purposes.

We are going to plant, learn how to nourish these seeds of consciousness & integrate their power wisely.

This is a series of nine rites based on some of the initiatory practices

of the Qero Paqo’s (Shamans) of Peru.

Click here for more info

Email me if you have any queries, or to book your place. This may be the last Munay Ki of the year, so don’t miss it. Otherwise come for a private session and experience something new – that’s incredible ancient. ;o)

Chillquenocaquikhama : In good time may I see you walk well & healed

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