Did you know that in our lifetime, 60% of animal life has disappeared?

That more than half the forests on the planet have been destroyed?

The awful statistics continue….. most of us know about global warming- but I’m not sure we realise the impact  it is having on nature, or close to home in nourishment, our food – our health! I dread to think what will be left for the next generations to come, & selfishly grateful I don’t have children. What will they have to endure, to survive an everyday existence in their future?

As I grew up, I heard the predictions of third world wars, humanity’s destruction of each other – but now as I live in these times, I realise the irreversible damage happening currently to the planet, that this is the Third world war! Beyond human destruction only, it includes nature, destruction of heart-lead living & spirituality- all dying away carelessly.

Wisdom traditions of the Indigenous hold many of the answers to our most pressing problems concerning climate crisis & environmental protection. It is time to consider them at a global scale. But it also has to start at home.

Where to start with so many important issues to deal with? – and so spread out across the globe. I am not able to stand at every protest, but I know I have to be a lot more involved now. We all do. After much introspection & dreams from Pachamama, I have realised for me, it is about Sacred activism. This is my strength, my experience that I have been prepared for- & within my abilities to share.For me, the realisation has arrived really seductively, as I focused & bonded, more & more with the Earth over the last 12 years. Within my relationship to Pachamama, I have discovered an incredible support system way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced or heard about. In my gratitude, I began asking how I could give back – how could I serve her? And that has snowballed into a deep purpose & mission now, to be an Earth Guardian. But I cannot do it alone.

Over the last 30 years as a healer & facilitator, as I got older (& wiser 🙂 in my growing awareness, I realised that by supporting healing in each individual, I was affecting the Collective Consciousness too. And that sufficed for a while. But now as the destruction is heightened around me, I realise that 1 person at a time, is not enough.  Pachamama has gifted & developed within me talents, gifts & abilities that I now need to share beyond my circle of clientele.

We can each change the world from within. This activism is something that we all need to practice, stand up for & hold together – a nurturing vision, to shift this destructive, outdated paradigm. ….many of you have been asking me how- especially for the environment.

I see this nurturing way of being as something our ancestors practiced, that we have forgotten. We have been seduced by egos, materialism, greed & money- further & further away from what IS important in life.

Connection, wholeness, light filled, heart-centred lives

where we remember that we are part of the nature, not the authority of it.

This current tipping point requires that we seriously look at, & re-adjust our head /heart balance; increase our feminine power of the heart -& change. To walk our talk! And… ripple out by example. So that little by little, each person begins to embody these principles.

To remember we are ALL children of the same Mother, & therefore are brothers and sisters. Whether furry, skinned, scaled, feathered or standing tall with a trunk & leaves

In a sacred, heart-filled manner, to repair, regenerate life from within- rippling out to the environment of the Universe, love & respect.

I call this Sacred Activism.

So this year instead of goal setting, I have written my own mission statement, living life & offering my work from this position. A quest. A mission statement which includes that

I teach & facilitate reconnection with the Heart, with Nature, harmonising head & heart, being in touch with Nature, the elements & the Earth – supported by Ancient wisdom & Beings for support & guidance.

It feels a bold statement to be putting out to the Universe & you. I know from experience that setting intention calls change & a way of living to match it. Already 2 major things have shifted in my life…..which is not easy but to honour & trust life, Pachamama & that my Soul knows the way. It is time to walk my talk- what about you?

These changes will show in the next months. Both in surprising personal ways, & of course, in the work I offer.

Workshops that bring our relationship with Pachamama /the Earth closer –pragmatically; that weave our energy anatomy with the elements, & which develop our feminine power for the change we wish- & need to be in our world.

Workshops to heal the waters, build relationships with Trees, animals & the 7 directions.

As well as monthly evening & online events, to pragmatically do our part in sending healing to where it is needed globally!

I seriously want to offer & gather with others to heal the earth. Regularly. So watch this space!

It is time people.

It is time to walk our talk.

To stop playing games & thinking all can continue as per normal.

Dare to be conscious & shift- yourself!

Otherwise to wake us up, life brings illness, catastrophe, & more corrupt politics  – anything to reflect where we have lost our power & our way in the West.

This isn’t a threat – or being negative.

This is reality- just look around you. 2020 is opening a gate…….

We each have an option now:

To be part of the old paradigm of unconscious destructive living,


Be part of the new cycle – bringing birth, change & awakening for ourselves, & the 7 generations to come.

Who do you choose to be?


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