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Despacho – what intention would you like to set for yourself ?
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Held in Douglasdale, Fourways

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Paqo: Masters of Living Energy

Paqos are Mystics and Healers, who follow an ancient Andean path to healing, embodying & interacting with nature & Divine consciousness, aiming to become a 6th level being.

This is a self development training to discover this beautiful way of living, over 8 months of 10 sessions.

On this training you will learn tools & techniques, build relationships & connections to embody Ayni  (reciprocity)& become one with nature.

Raising your vibration & life force!

This path is fundamentally a personal journey to Munay (love will) and your potential power!

Later, once a foundation is set, we will practice very rare & ancient group practices.

So come join me & learn this exquisite way of being. An inherently feminine way.

We will meet once a month, giving you time inbetween to practice, build & explore. So you can then ask questions/ be ‘coached’ through this invisible, creative art.

Paqo: Masters of Living Energy 10 month Course

Imagine planting seeds of consciousness within you, to open up your path in a respectful way, in the perfect timing to your own needs & growth. Expanding your potential & connection!
In this workshop we are going to plant, learn how to nourish these seeds & integrate their power wisely.
The Munay-Ki is a series of nine Empowerment rites
based on the initiatory practices of the Qero Paqo’s (Shamans) of Peru.

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ONLINE course:

New to the world of healing, and want to learn some good basics? Been on the path for a while, and want to empower yourself?

Learn different natural modalities that will guide, heal – and support your intuition to grow.

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This ONLINE course is an invitation for you to empower yourself.

By mastering your inner realms:

to create, communicate, evolve & manifest with integrity!

Learn to guide yourself from within with

Tools & techniques to access deeper levels of mind,

incorporating your entire energy anatomy & deeper states of consciousness-

Tap into the tremendous potential inside you…

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Everyone needs these skills today. I would highly recommend this course.



As a beginner, I got a firm foundation- thank you


Incredible, life changing and empowering

April /May 2018
<p><strong>Munay Ki workshop: </strong></p><p>Group forming to do a workshop over April / May.</p><p>Email me to join- there are 2 places left.</p><p><strong>Transformation Game workshops: </strong></p><p>Group Game forming for April /May</p><p>We’ll play 3 sessions of 4 &amp; half hours per day.</p><p>eg.Fri. pm, Sat &amp; Sun am.</p><p>or Solo Games – enquire within for yours. Played over 3 or 4 days – 2 hour sessions per day – times chosen with you.</p><p><strong>PAQO: Masters of Living Energy </strong></p><p>FULL: See drop down menu for more info. Join us next year for the next programme.</p>
How to reserve your place
Please email me before booking, so check there are available spaces. &amp;amp;nbsp; 50% deposit to secure your place. &amp;lt;strong&amp;gt;Please note, deposits are non-refundable, so be committed when you place your deposit.&amp;lt;/strong&amp;gt; You will receive an email confirming your place, and a preparation pack, with dates and times, what to bring and any other logistics you may require
How to pay
Pay pal/credit card facilities are available &amp;amp;nbsp; If you are in South Africa, bank transfer/EFT is also welcome. With YOUR name as a reference + the course name – I will give you theses details when you email me to check availability