Andean Despacho:


Equinox Despacho Ceremony:

Equinox, when the day and night are in equal measure – when the light and dark are balanced- we have the possibility too.

Ancient Andean Living Prayers are for gratitude, healing, manifestation & connection. Building a mandala of beauty, with intention & love to nature. Using ingredients so that the prayers are visible, then burning or burying them to release the prayers. A heart centred nature connected experience.

Tuesday 24th Sept. 2019

4pm for 4:15 start

Douglasdale, outdoors weather permitting

Cost: R150 – 500. 

All are welcome.

Please RSVP – for attendance & logistics:

info at karenweinman dot com 

What is a Despacho? Click here 

Healing Our Waters


A day-long workshop to learn about the energetic world of water,

balance yours & take part in a Water Blessing Ceremony

for the wider consciousness of our Environment.

Let’s put in into action. Join me…

It’s simpler than you think. That’s the power of water & her simplicity….and the power in our intentions!

At a Nature Reserve by a gushing river 

If you have attended before, please ask about discount.

Click here to go to the Water workshop page





Nusta Karpay: 

Goddess Rites of the ancient Inka

Using Rites – Transmissions – Ceremony, these Feminine rites connect you with tender forces of Nature to soften our hearts, heal, transform & bring balance to our masculine & feminine within.

Group workshops and private sessions available. 

Please click here for more info

Paqo 2020:

Masters of Living Energy

Paqos are Mystics and Healers, who follow an ancient Andean path to healing, embodying & interacting with nature & Divine consciousness, aiming to become a 6th level being.

This is a self development training to discover this beautiful way of living, over 10 sessions, once a month.

On this training you will learn tools & techniques, build relationships & connections to embody Ayni  (reciprocity)& become one with nature.

Raising your vibration & life force!

This path is fundamentally a personal journey to Munay (love will) and your potential power!

Later, once a foundation is set, we will practice very rare & ancient group practices.

So come join me & learn this exquisite way of being. An inherently feminine way.

We will meet once a month, giving you time in-between to practice, build & explore. So you can then ask questions/ be ‘coached’ through this invisible, creative art.


Paqo 2020: Masters of Living Energy (10 month Course)

Imagine planting seeds of consciousness within you, to open up your path in a respectful way, in the perfect timing to your own needs & growth. Expanding your potential & connection!
In this workshop we are going to plant, learn how to nourish these seeds & integrate their power wisely.
The Munay-Ki is a series of nine Empowerment rites
based on the initiatory practices of the Qero Paqo’s (Shamans) of Peru.

ONLINE Trainings click here

Everyone needs these skills today. I would highly recommend this course.

As a beginner, I got a firm foundation- thank you

Incredible, life changing and empowering

To inquire or book:

Please email

' info at '


October 2019

Transformation Game: Transforming Our Eating/Food Issues

Only 2 places left, 4 – 6 players max. 

October 3 (evening), 5 & 6th (half days) 


 See page for more info, or email me for more info or to book your place, 

September 2019

Equinox Despacho

Balance of Day and night on our Earth, bringing us that possiblity too. Despacho for balance, healing and connection to Nature too. 

Sept. 24th @ 4 for 4:15 pm start. (the public Holiday)

Cost: R150 – 500


 See page for more info, or email me for more info or to book your place, 

Please RSVP for logistics, parking changes and ingredients

All are welcome

July / August 2019

Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Despacho Ceremony

Opening the gate…what would you like to manifest going forward. 

16th July

6:46 for 7:15pm start


R150 – 500pp cash on the night

Please RSVP for logistics

See despacho page for more info

Nusta Karpays

– Goddess Rites connecting you with all the Elements (Earth, Water etc) and the femimine Nature Spirits

Transmissions & ceremonies direct from the Qero’s ancient Inka school

over 3 sessions

3 Dates chosen by you over: July 21, 28, August 3 or 4th. 


Solo /private sessions

Please RSVP for logistics  on Solo sessions or group dates

Transformation Game 

Dates chosen by you 2 – 6 people

Friday evening, saturday and Sunday morning


RSVP to book or create a group workshop

Pachamama Solo-

Transformation Game


Transform your life with your Soul’s guidance, and discover your purpose with Pachamama

4 sessions of 2 hours, dates chosen by you

Please RSVP to book / logistics

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