I want to share a story with you – of course names/events have been changed. This client came to me a decade ago.  She arrived in sloppy mismatched clothing, overweight, unkempt – a harried older wife. She felt she needed a session – HER reason : because she wanted to be better for her abusive husband. Maybe if she cleared enough stuff, he would be nicer to her.

In she jumped.

We cleared loads. We cleared the times he knocked her around, the times he was emotionally abusive, the times she couldn’t hold boundaries & felt victimized.

Then we started to go back in time to clear past boyfriends – & finally to her father, who never respected her – & began this life-long pattern of abuse.

Her feedback was usually that she felt lighter after each session, but wasn’t sure if there was real change yet. But she was committed, & kept coming for her sessions, clearing away layer after layer,  according to her body’s guidance.

Then one morning, she messaged me to say she was going to be a little late – but she was on her way. She arrived flushed & glowing! She told me that she had been away for the weekend, came back early -that very day- to find her husband in her bed –with her maid! So she took his house keys away, & kicked him out of the house. Called the locksmith, changed all the locks – & then came to me for her  session.  As if it was normal occurrence on a weekday morning.

I don’t remember what came up in that session that day – I was blown away by her calm ‘it’s about time’ attitude. She finally saw the light – I could tell she’d ‘got it’  – & I didn’t see her again for a session after that.

About 2 or 3 years later I was in a shopping centre, when this slim, gorgeous, well dressed, manicured blonde interrupted us. She came at me with a huge hug, I stood there embarrassed as I didn’t recognize her. ‘It’s me!’ she said. Luckily I remembered her face – because besides that, she was completely unrecognizable – transformed – renewed! Her energy sparkled – her eyes sparkled. In love with life again.

Turns out, she found her courage to stand up for herself – her self worth & self-respect – and finally her power:        divorced him, got a job selling houses, rose up, bought the business – & turned her life into her dream life!!!

I still get chills thinking of her – such a profound transformation. All because she listened to the whisperings of her soul – & trusted, as layer after layer was peeled away, and healed. Karma cleared, paid & released.

She may have thought she was coming to me for reason A – but that soul knew it was reason B = it was time to awaken. I’m so proud of her for not only listening, but trusting the process- & committing – even when she wasn’t quite sure what she was committing to. Such a  beautiful process I was honoured to observe, like a butterfly coming out of it’s chrysalis.

So next time there are stirrings – your soul whispers – nudges you in a direction that doesn’t make sense – but feels right, remember it knows the bigger picture! Dare to listen & trust – it’s guidance is priceless!!! …so leap.

One step at a time – listen for the signs, for the guidance, as you put one foot in front of the other. In the process you will strengthen your intuition- and build faith!

The signs can simply be recognising you are stuck. You are not celebrating life. You can feel something is not right, but can’t figure out what it is. You catch yourself being jealous of someone who seems happy, has purpose – or seems to have zest for life.

And yes – I know, it takes courage to listen & act. But really what do you have to lose?  You’ll probably feel invigorated as you step up to the edge to jump – and that’s what living is all about! Don’t you think?

Are you listening to the whisperings of your soul?

Are you listening to the whisperings of your soul?


in awe & appreciation


PS. … if you want to open up, or experience Soul healing, if you are not sure where to start but feel the impulse, click here for info on private sessions


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