People I work with, & ‘out there’ in society, often have a problem with the term ‘healer’. They either think healers should be ‘doing’ something to bring about a person’s health; OR quite the opposite – they can’t see how they can heal anyone?

What I know about being a good healer is this:

Healers hold presence. They themselves are living an integrated daily life of living in truth & integrity to who they are, whilst maintaining  good physical health, good mental health, great nutrition, & being responsible for keeping their energy clean. Focused on the soul & heart whilst living their normal human life.

When you meet a healer who lives like this, you feel instantly uplifted & clearer around them yourself. For their presence, the energy field they emit is so strong, that it draws your vibration to theirs & thus, you feel good -& then you are in a ‘healing state’.

This is how a healer heals. By holding the space within them, & radiating out around their field, to uplift the energy of all those they come into contact with.

Anyone that can do this is a healer. You could be engaged in any role as a friend, a parent, a singer, an artist, a speaker, a holistic therapist, a clerk, it doesn’t matter, but you hold the healing light. You are a healer.

True healers like this have to work on radiating that light, on being that light. They are usually humble about it too, because they are used to putting in the effort themselves. They have lived a life of transformation or change. Life has manicured them into a finely rounded healer.
I hope this will give you have a new light on what true healers are, what they do & what to look for in one. Remember healers by their presence facilitate healing to occur for others.  Simple.

It seems that if you reflect on a healing you have experienced before, you’ll recognise the truth in this – it’s almost a heart filled recognition of ‘oh that’s the qualities I’m looking for’ to support me. And if you haven’t experienced this before, well now you have a more empowered insight.

I hope it’s a definition you can resonate with- or maybe you have your own? I’d love to hear more…


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