Vulnerability is our greatest strength… I love this theme…or maybe I should say spiritual practice.  Because it’s something we have to consistently practice.   I feel it’s one of the biggest gems I ever discovered!

I had to learn it the hard way- of course. And I still have to be reminded of it: being afraid to show my true feelings or afraid to speak my truth in case of repercussions. So I built this wall, thinking I’m safe behind it, but I just set myself up for a bigger fall in the end. And it’s even worse cause then I have to clear up the pieces of the wall too. And then I beat myself up cause I didn’t just ask for what I needed. And so it winds me up – Instead of just speaking my truth in the beginning! …and making life simpler for myself.

That’s probably what loving ourselves is all about.

I’m sure we’ve all had that experience- even once? When we dared to say how we really felt, and then the other person was able to respond honestly, and before we knew it, it had unfolded into the MOST beautiful conversation, or into a situation with a very positive outcome.  Well I know I have- and I just felt so clear & in the flow after that. And incredibly grateful – my heart just opens. I love myself and everyone else. And so it ripples out.

I see it so often in my therapy practice – I’m sure more than half of my clients have been caught in a ‘fix’ because they were afraid to speak their truth. And then years later they’re in my therapy room, confused about how they managed to sabotage themselves. Walking around with patterns like – ‘People won’t like me if I speak my truth’. Attracting people who play out their beliefs – ie don’t like it when they do speak up. All to keep in this dysfunctional pattern.

Completely trusting being held

Completely trusting being held

…and yes, it’s not always easy to speak our truth or show our vulnerability.

I get that.

But owning our truth, no matter the outcome, will always serve – even if it’s just us that walk away feeling strengthened – because we dared to be vulnerable! We dared to step to the edge & risk.

We deserve that – don’t you think?

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