“Wow! The best way to describe my experience with playing the Pachamama (Earth-Solo)Transformation game is, to use Karen’s word, holographic. Every session of this game felt like it was being played on 100 different levels at the same time. True to her ability to hold an incredible, transformational space in the group Transformation Games, Karen holds the holographic space of the Pachamana (Earth-Solo) Game with grace and presence, offering remarkable and insightful observations and guidance – not an easy task, given the layers and levels that it is taking place on! She was the perfect link between me, Pachamama (the earth) and possibly the entire universe. I trust Karen implicitly on every step of my journey, and am so grateful for the new and wonderful tools and wisdom she has to offer at every turn.”

Ben S.

Transformation Game workshops:


The board game that mirrors your life, so YOU can transform it!

Play in a group, Solo or Earth Solo versions.


Accredited facilitator Karen guides you to transform key issues in your life.

Discover a way to see your life from Your soul’s perspective!

With time for calm reflection, sharing and guidance; self discovery and growth become exciting.



How Does it work?

You begin by choosinTransformation Gameg an intention with which to play the game.

Before ‘birth’, you fill your ‘Unconscious’ with cards that indicate strengths, challenges & inner qualities. A guardian angel travels with you (see Angel card pic) as you throw dice & move along your life path.

You clear your Unconscious through pain & awareness, while moving through the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. You also have opportunities to exercise free will and intuition, share appreciation & feedback.

It is a game that comes alive through personal sharing and interaction, and is up to each player to decide how deeply to participate.

To choose what to make of the experiences that comes to you..

The Transformation Game responds directly to the heart of any issue, it is ideal to:

Clarify personal issues; Gain direction on your next steps ; Find ways to enhance your relationships ; Change unproductive behaviour ; Remove blocks to spontaneity, success or fulfillment.

Step more fully into who you truly are & what you are here to do.

Transformation Game
Transformation Game
Transformation Game

As the facilitator, besides knowing the extended rules of the Game, 

I am here to facilitate you to interpret the messages in ways that deepen your understanding;

& open up your awareness to empower yourself!

Created by 2 residents of the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community & mystery School in northern Scotland, this game was first offered there in 1978. It is based on the magic of Findhorn: they observed those transforming around them, & grounded that learning & insight into this incredible board game.

Having lived in Findhorn for 5 years, it is like bringing this magical way of life to you. It is a very special experience.

Games are played in groups of 2 –6 people, or Solo – or Solo but with Pachamama as the co-player!

I offer this Transformation Game workshop currently in Johannesburg, but also travel to facilitate in other places.

You can play with your friends/organisations/familiar groups….or with a group I coordinate together.

Contact me to create your own dates, find out costs or for more info – see email contact sheet above.

​​​​​​Solo Transformation Games:

Once you have played a Group Game you will know the ropes, so you can play a Solo Game, in private – with me as your Facilitator.

 Solo Games are played over 3 or 4 days of 2 hour sessions – you choose.
Playing on your own is intense, but deeply profound. We are all on our path alone – but can manage to hide, or not go as deep as we wish when distracted by life. So with myself as a facilitator, we go a step at a time. & Transform your life from within. It really is magical.
You will make core life decisions about your behaviour, heal from the very centre of your being – as you learn to interact…and love yourself through the process called life.
Empowering & very life transforming.
You choose the dates.
Cost according to length of time played.
Enquire with me for more info, or to book your place.
 Please note, you need to have played a Transformation Game with a group, so you know the ropes.

Earth-Solo Game

Play a Solo Game with the Earth as the co-player! 

You will find out more about your purpose …your purpose with the Earth, Pachamama, as well as identify Collective Unconscious issues. 

You need to have played a Solo Game before embarking on this.

Being ‘streetwise’ will help you go deeper, to access a richness beyond your expectations. 

Dates custom made especially for you.

The best way to play?

Groups: 3 x half day sessions, spaced over a week &/or weekend

Once you have played a Group version:

Solo: 4 sessions (2 hours) over 3 weeks

Earth solo: 4 sessions (3 hours) over a month or more All times are flexible to suit you.

Costs: With a group, it is a once off fee. With the Solo & Earth-Solo Games, it is charged by time slots.

Email me to create your transformation time, & receive a quote. 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the workshop for all. With the balance payable 2 days before we play.

June 2018
Winter Solstice Despacho

Releasing the old, opening to the light.

6:46 for 7pm start


R150 – 300pp

Please RSVP for logistics

July 2018
Transformation Game 

13- 15th July.

Friday evening, saturday and Sunday morning

only 2 spaces left.


R2500 pp

RSVP to book

Healing The Waters

Saturday 21st July

9am – for the day

Healing Our Waters on the inner and outer realms

R650 pp

Douglasdale and Nature Reserve

Lunar Eclipse Despacho

Thursday 27th July

6:46 for 7pm start


R150 – 300pp

Please RSVP for logistics

How to Reserve Your Place
How to reserve your place
Please email me before booking to check there are available spaces.
50% deposit to secure your place.
Please note, deposits are non-refundable, so be committed when you place your deposit.
You will receive an email confirming your place, and a preparation pack, with dates and times, what to bring and any other logistics you may require.
Despachos are payable in cash on the evening.
How to pay...
How to pay
I will inform you by email, as it depends on the event. Cash is payable on the day for Despachos.
Pay pal/credit card facilities are available, please enquire via email.
For workshops, if you are in South Africa, bank transfer/EFT is also welcome. With YOUR name as a reference + the course name – I will give you theses details when you email me to check availability.

To book, or inquire, about the Transformation Game...

4 + 4 =

Transformation Game
Transformation Game

 “Within each of us is the capacity to make breakthroughs in our lives,

to go beyond habit, to create and innovate; to imagine new possibilities;

to replace repetition of what has been, 

with the emergence of what could be.”

David Spangler


Indeed the depth of my realizations were incredible – this Transformation Game workshop far exceeded my expectations!

It was amazing how the ‘right’ cards  & messages were presented for the intention I set! Excellent exercise in questioning one’s perspective & self-belief. What was most effective for me, was the feedback Karen gave us, & her commitment to our awareness, so we could transform

I felt safe & supported all the way, & it enabled me to open up, learn and transform

Karen & the Game do not just provide us with answers: as we moved to each square or drew a card, she asked us intelligent questions which enabled us to find the answers from within – VERY EMPOWERING!

Karen’s insight into how the game (& life) works,  & her healing abilities made a huge difference for me – she has a HUGE heart

What worked for me was Karen’s ability:  to communicate, reflect -& intuitively interpret -was profound. She holds the space magnificently

Thank you – I am truly grateful for the very profound, deep insights & transformation. May the way you have blessed us all, be returned to you abundantly!

I also learnt so much from the other player’s experience too – I now understand what you mean about the wisdom contained in community. An awesome experience with a lot of insight

My intention was fullfilled – say no more…