So in October I hosted a stand at an Esoteric festival, there was a superb turn out – & carried such a high standard of energy. I introduced people to the delicious Transformation Game, & even held a competition for a free place on a workshop. It really was such a lovely prize to hand out afterwards, knowing the value that the Transformation Game offers to one’s path.

The interesting thing for me to note, was not only how many people did not know about the Game, but how many people did not know that only accredited facilitator’s can guide it. It still amazes me how people will just go to any practitioner with their wellbeing, & trust they are qualified. In a way, it is great to trust the process, but in an industry that really still has egg-shells stuck to it’s bum, you’d think people would check. I personally will not go anyone who did a weekend course in something, & naively think they know enough to go the deeper levels of healing – and that I will feel safe. It’s simple common sense. But also as I want value and depth to my healing, don’t you agree?

So it was really lovely to professionally introduce the Game, talk about Findhorn – my second home & where the game originates, & begin educating the public.

In order to spread the word of this phenomenal workshop, I have decided that every month, I will also write on different aspects of the Game. This month I’d like to start with the Angel of Trust

KWeinman's Transformation Game workshop Angel of Trust

KWeinman’s Transformation Game workshop Angel of Trust

When I decided to write about the TG, The Angel of Trust literally came to me & wouldn’t let me be….so I will trust the Angel of the Transformation Game is guiding this process too. ;o)

The Angels in the Game – also called mentors,

infuse us & guide the game with their qualities,

(as these qualities do in life)

giving us insight from another perspective.

The quality of TRUST offers us the experience of coming from a place of knowing within, rather than, as a result of adaptation to outer experience. It’s always an opportunity to let go of our assumptions – to let go of our need to control life’s creative process.

It does not matter what spiritual path you’re on, an ultimate sense of peace comes down to one question:

Can you let go of the need to control your life, & trust there is a benevolent force guiding everything?

….eeeek. For some of us that is hard. I have discovered that I have to learn this over & over again, in leaps & small bounds –  that there is ALWAYS another level to which I can learn to trust & let go!

Trust is the soul’s way of attuning to a fundamental law of our reality. There is a deep rhythm that moves through all life that cannot be understood by our minds or controlled by our will. When trust informs our experience, it allows our psyche to relax & our soul to be at peace with our situation.

We rest in unquestioned confidence that the universe provides. That we have & will receive what we really need – often beyond what we alone are even capable of imagining!

When we have a foundation of basic trust, we are courageous & take risks. We don’t suppress our capabilities. We engage in life wholeheartedly, doing what feels appropriate with the confidence that it will work out. Life becomes a story of creation, rather than an obstacle course to survive.

Without basic trust, we tend to react to what arises in accordance with our conditioning, & want our lives to go one way or another. We cling to predetermined assumptions & outcomes. We become tense & contracted, & do all we can to manipulate the circumstances to fit with our desires.

Trust is the ability to wait, & listen for a signal that it’s time to move forward again. Taking that moment to pause & breathe trust in the deeper rhythm of life.

My wish for us all?  

… that Trust increase our capacity for loving thoughts & kind actions toward ourselves & others.

Practice makes perfect, right?

If you would like to explore these beautiful qualities & Angels, inviting transformation to bring more light into your life, come join us for a Transformation Game workshop. You can join one or create one! For more info click here, or email me and let’s create together.

It’s too delicious to miss!

Trust in life's path. KWeinman

Trust in life’s path. KWeinman


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