Ooooo this is such a lovely video.  It is not often that I come past such genuine information on a ‘place’ that is rumoured.  Well, maybe rumoured isn’t quite the right word lol.  As a child I remember people talking about ‘The Akashic Records’ at the Spiritualist Church  we used to attend. It was the only place to learn about spiritual information ‘in those days’ (thanks Spiritual organisations) So to find this interview was a real gift.

In my own definition – for those of you who have never heard of it  -the Akashic library stores all records from every Soul incarnation ever…ever! To appease the brain, it is ‘seen’ as a library’ – but really when one accesses it, it is about attuning to another dimension that holds information. Information, that one does not always have permission to access. Respect for one’s path, is not all at stake here, but also, as some of these time machine movies show, that it can have serious repercussions, trying to change or warp time.

I have had dreams about this place:  I saw it as a very old building – seemed like an ancient Oxford /Academic library -cross a cathedral – cross a sacred space. Filled with millions and millions of books & records. … and different ways to access information too. But I would assume, like our own individual spirituality, we would each visualise this each in our own way. As I said it came to me in a dream as a building I accessed & explored.

The Akashic records are very useful to me as a healing practitioner, for example. Once I have asked permission of a client’s higher self, it can be accessed to help heal at a very deep level. I open to allow it to download if need be. Not neccessarily something I aim for or consciously ask for everyone.

So I hope this video will give you some deeper insight into that.  It’s all about  Akashic Records, and tapping into this ancient, ancient memory field of all lives that have been and will ever be. I will let Professor Ervin Laszlo, the renowned philospher & scientist explain, as he does it quite beautifully.

…. fascinating!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below….

Enjoy :o)

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