MP (2)There is something powerful manifesting in my life this year, I have no doubt it will effect my life – never mind my healing and teaching work….and ripple out from there.  I am going to Peru, and Peru will be coming to South Africa this year, so many have asked the story so far, that I thought I would write it down- like the complexities of the working of the Universe, there is so much detail – in fact I have written the shortened version below lol…. maybe it will even develop into a book :o)….but mainly,  I hope it will inspire you.

I receive a regular newsletter from USA, & after 25 years of connection with this organisation, I decided it was time I let it go.  So I opened it up to unsubscribe – and when I did, an event caught my eye, of an upcoming interview with a filmmaker, which was to be screened live, online. It looked interesting – he had made a documentary of the Pre-Incan people living high up in the Peruvian Andes. I immediately signed up for it. I’ve heard the stories about one day this philosophy coming out to the world, so I was curious …and then thought, maybe I should learn some more, so I googled until eventually I found a 2 min uncut clip of his documentary.

When I watched it, I got goosebumps – it was so genuine, humbling and beautiful…  and I felt immediately connected to it, even though it was only 2 minutes of film. …. I felt compelled! So I emailed the filmmaker, introduced myself, and said if /when he ever wants to launch his movie here in South Africa, I would like to be involved somehow. And I then clicked ‘send’.

I will admit, after I did it, I had a moment of remorse, I really knew nothing about the movie or him for that matter. He probably received thousands of emails, or had other connections for South Africa. My ego really reacted, lol. After all, it had been a purely intuitive act!!!!! …but the email was sent – I couldn’t undo that. So I let go, and waited (Lol – what a clever Universe ;o)

So that weekend I tuned in for the interview. It was fascinating to say the least. The filmmaker had such beautiful energy – and I immediately felt a connection, like a long lost brother. It was strange….but somehow right, at the same time. The interview opened up a world I had only heard of and read since I was a child, that I had been waiting for all my life! They then surprised us, by announcing that they were going to show the movie! OMG what a gift! I immediately grabbed a white candle and lit it. (not sure why –just felt right). Sat crossed legged like I was about to go into meditation, and waited with baited breath for it to start.

It was exquisite! …there aren’t many words I can use to describe both the movie and it’s effect on me. It was so familiar! It was so humble, so genuine- a reminder of a life of being connected to everything. True spirituality. I felt centred just watching it.  My heart felt touched and full of gratitude. Opening up even….not many movies that we can say do that!

The movie is about these Paqos, who carry a line of Pre-Incan tradition that is thousands -and many hundreds of thousands of years old….and through each being struck by lightening or other signals, had become WisdomKeepers of this ancient lineage.

walking by Andes compressed

The movie showed them in different daily routines their day,  as well as ceremonies of healing & celebration for the planet’s evolution. The scenery is incredible as it’s high in the mountains, and includes unseen footage of ceremonial sites deep in the Andes Mountains. There is no English spoken, just beautiful music and Quecha spoken throughout the ceremonies. So you come out of the movie feeling like you have taken part in a ceremony of sorts, and a reminder of something important for us Westerners, something global and vitally important, starts to wake up.

While watching the movie, I kept having a vision – not something that I can explain – but I just kept seeing myself sitting with a fire to my left, the filmmaker and a Paqo opposite me. And then a black Jaguar would come walking from their side, around me, and sit with it’s head on my lap. I would stroke it’s head lovingly. I saw this over and over again throughout the movie.

When it finished, I sat in quiet for ages. My brain was just still. My heart smiling. Just simply be-ing.

The next day I opened my email box to find that the filmmaker had responded to me! He said he had wanted to come to SA and was waiting for the right person to reach out to him. …and here I was. Lol – amazing. It felt so serendipitous.

So over the next months we connected on Skype from each side of the world. Planning the launch of this beautiful movie in South Africa.

And in between, I began having dreams, and visions of the filmmaker & this Paqo. The first dream after I saw the movie, we were doing a ritual, a Despacho together. I was with a mixed group who travelled to a place in the world I didn’t recognise – near forests and sea. Lots of water. We were waiting to begin training. In other dreams, sometimes, we would just be talking; other times, I knew I was in a learning environment as he (the Paqo) was teaching us as a group.

The Filmmaker then came back to me just before Christmas to say, that we couldn’t launch the movie in May. I was disappointed to say the least. September was more than a year away. But he said there was a good reason:

1 -In May, they (the Paqos) wanted to have a 3 week retreat and pilgrimage high in the Andes, and invite Northerners (that’s their name for us Westerners 🙂 from all continents – and would I like to join them?

 Oh My Goodness!!!!! To Pilgrimage 16000 ft, high into the Andes, visit ceremonial sites, many unseen by us Westerners… and learn their Pre-Incan ways and methods. Who says no to that? Lol, so of course I said yes. …and then forgave them for moving the movie launch till September/October. Ha ha

2 – and would I be ok if, when the Filmmaker comes out later in the year to South Africa, that the ‘head’ WisdomKeeper comes too?

OMG – another ‘how can I say no to this’… what a gift. …and he (the WisdomKeeper) asked if I could arrange for meetings between other Indigenous Tribes. Of course I said yes, and so it unfolded …..into a year that now is filled with me going to Peru, and Peru coming here.

I then saw a picture of the Wisdomkeeper – it was the Paqo I had seen in my vision by the campfire, and had been teaching me in my dreams!!!!!!

I went and looked up the Jaguar/Panther, it represents:small Panther

“The Panther marks a new turn in the heroic path of those to whom it comes. It truly reflects more than just coming into one’s own power. Rather it reflects a reclaiming of that which was lost and an intimate connection with the great archetypal force behind it. It gives an ability to go beyond what has been imagined, with opportunity to do so with discipline and control. It is the spirit of imminent rebirth.”



What has ‘hit’ me since, is that this lifelong dream of mine is finally coming to fruition. Really! It’s been on the top of my bucket list since I was 3. (If you know what I mean) …as far back as I can remember, Peru is on my goal list, on my vison board – and now it’s come to me.

In fact in my mid 20’s I went for a reading with an amazing practitioner, who basically traveled at night in his astral body, connect with my astral body and have a chat. Then the next day he would tell me what needed to be worked on, where I was going and what I needed to be aware of, etc. Amazing practitioner – Juan Duvenhage – who has unfortunately passed away since. So much of what he predicted has come true. Not that I am into prophecy stuff anymore, but it shows there’s something in what he has to say.

In fact (I am really showing my age now) I have the reading still, it’s on a cassette tape! Lol – but in this reading he told me I had much work to do on myself, and for my path. I have to be ready for where I am going. He said in my 40’s I would go with a group of people from all around the world, into the Andes, in Peru, where we would bring up a Pod of information that we had buried in Atlantean times. And share it out with the world, This was to be part of my purpose in this lifetime.

So here I am, in my 40’s about to go to Peru. I think I am in shock, as I digest that this is unfolding – and to me.

Saying yes to this has begun much working through my body. I’m kinda detoxing already.

The excitement is almost too much to contain sometimes. I feel like something so much larger than me, is holding and carrying me towards a purpose which I am not sure I can define yet.

I will keep this site updated as much as can, and hope that this blog will inspire you to follow your dreams, no matter how long they take to come to fruition. To listen to your heart and Soul, when it guides you to leap. To listen to your dreams, and ‘inklings’, no matter how strange they may seem at the time. .. and of course to have trust and faith in the process of life. Don’t get me wrong, the last blog I wrote was all about fear – it’s not necessarily an easy journey – but it is one filled with purpose and connection – and meaning.

My heart is full…. watch this space. xxx

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