Anyone on a path of personal development knows these days, that the first step is a relaxed mind.

….and there are all kinds of tools to use to do just this. Cd’s and audios that calm the mind -taking it ‘down’ to a slower frequency in order for the brain to relax. …in turn relaxing the body, and creating an opening of opportunity.

As someone who is living her life the most natural way possible, it always grated me that I had to rely on electricity, a cd or audio – in other words: an outside source, to do just that.

Because I had learnt a way to slow those brain frequencies down – naturally…internally!

Imagine a technique that you could do every day, or whenever you needed it That’s not laboriously long and complex – that would automatically trigger you into that state.

A technique that would allow you not only to relax, but to access the power of your brain!

To manifest whatever goal or dream you focused on. But also to access the other levels of your being!

Wow! Let me explain some more…..

So there are all kinds of techniques out there to manifest the life you want and wish for. Positive affirmations, positive thinking, visualizations, prayer, etc. And they work – well you have to work at it for a long time! …and I mean long-  and well disciplined, to not give up before. The thing is, all these kinds of practices and mind development techniques, only develop the beta mind!

Beta is that part of your brain that is revved up – the fastest frequency of your brain waves. ….which of course, is also the part of the brain, that the more you are stressed out, are fearful, worry – have trauma – the faster it races. Until eventually you are so stressed out – ..affirmations are going to make a difference at this level? I don’t think so.

no no no…..stop!

For many of us, this has served us. Or has served us in the past. It is a step along the path. But times are changing. Eventually, we’ll learn that there is a limit to these old ways – and that there are more and deeper levels of mind, waiting to be accessed.

This is where understanding how your brain operates is vital. To access it’s deeper power and then to be able to do this in a natural way gives us freedom, incredible support AND connection to something much deeper within us….it opens up a whole new world of being.

Personally, these days I think the planet is in trouble, because most people, governments, leaders etc etc all manifest from their Beta levels. From a place that is quite disconnected from their hearts, soul and the greater human consciousness.

So a technique that will give you an opportunity to manifest from a genuine place of integrity – a place which is a ‘win-win’ for all is incredibly powerful – and calming! Knowing that part of you that is all trusting, that has your best at heart – as well as has consciousness to it, is supporting you to manifest, opens incredible doors is spiritually soothing.

Never mind that these techniques can open the doors to you sensing your intuition…being guided by that powerful centre within you. Exquisite stuff….and many many other benefits.

So come join us in Johannesburg. Be coached through 8 weeks of delicious discovery & inner adventure. As you pioneer your way, into your inner cosmos!

Be the light at the end of your tunnel!


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