I am back from Peru, & although to many of you it’s only been a month, to me it’s felt like a year! I feel like I traveled to another dimension & back (I did I suppose) – landing back in 3D Johannesburg has been a rough but grounding homecoming. ;o)
It has taken 7 days to get over the jetlag, I am only now feeling back home. I am sure integration will take the time it needs. But for those of you who aren’t on facebook with me, to see the news as it unfolded, let me say it was a miraculous, wonderful journey – beyond my expectations & wildest dreams!
I will of course, be writing more in depth blogs later, but here’s a start to fill you in. …at the moment what I would like to write about & the workshops I’d like to offer,  are all swirling in an incredibly creative, juicy cloud that I am busy downloading….so there will be another email soon to let you know where you can plug in & experience the magic with me. 
So briefly:
I was lucky to enough to receive all the Nusta Karpays (Feminine /Goddess rites) from the Qero ‘head teacher’ himself in a private meeting. ….he has held this school for 60 years now. He was the most beautiful, loving Paqo & we bonded immediately. He recognised my talents & abilities, & from the moment we met, not only gave me all the initiations, but taught me how to pass them on. He encouraged me to blossom. It was very precious. I was surprised & blessed when he gave me his tools (still in shock over this) – he obviously saw something in my path, supported & encouraged me to get out there.
So I return with a tool box that if I listed it, would sound like it was out of a powerful fairy tale. But the Nusta energies are absolutely real, exquisite & powerful beyond measure. It is time to strengthen the feminine in all of us – regardless of sex.
I need a little integration time (if they will allow it lol), but I will be offering this soon if it calls you too. And it will be the authentic rites, not the western version that has buried them in intellect…. more on that another time.  
I then pilgrimaged to 5 majestic feminine Mountains in the sacred valley. It was breathtaking & heart opening – some more, lol. I wanted to ground the Feminine initiations I had received by physically connecting with the location of each. It was cold as most of them, lakes or Mountains are 4500 – 6000m in height. These trips were challenging but graceful & exquisite. FULL of signs to welcome me & show I am on the right path, with Condors, Eagles, Hummingbirds & other magical interactions with Nature spirits. 
Then the original reason for this trip:    a 2 week initiation process to receive the ‘Hatun Karpay Chaupi’. (the Great Initiation of the middle Path)
Officially, I am now a Teqse Paqo- a Kuraq Paqo- these are Paqos who work with global & Universal energies, raising consciousness & working with awesome nature beings. But focusing for humans on the the heart area, bringing love into our lives from within, but also the belts. An energetic system of power that resides in all human beings, but in Westeners is unactivated. (yes will write a detailed blog about this too).
We received 30 – 40 initiations within this time (!). Spent most of it embodying as much as possible (no head involvement here) you just knew to try not understand yet.  – It was incredibly intense & tightly packed. Now these seeds will germinate, ground -& transform us, if they haven’t already- into holding the light of a Fourth Level Paqo. It is incredibly beautiful as these rites have been handed down through many, many generations & lineages of Paqos for this time of unfolding on our planet. I was lucky to be with very Authentic, genuinely focused Qeros & teachers – even the ‘Qero leader’ himself.
It has confirmed my path as an instrument for change & consciousness raising. Serving Pachamama – and humanity, our community, to remember our deeper connection with Nature. It is VERY profound- and simple – and complex all at the same time lol. And I cannot wait to be settled in so that I can offer this to you.
In the meantime, I came back with a ‘suitcase’ full of new Despacho’s I learned from the Qero, & ingredients for powerful ceremony. It seems rife for a celebration, so would you like to come join me for an equinox/full moon ceremony?
In September, the Equinox is a time when daylight & night are in perfect balance.  Many of these ingredients I’ve brought back support balance, so I thought what a lovely theme as we come out of the eclipse season & manifest the new cycles of our lives.
I am open for private sessions: Andean healing/ kinesiology for balancing & clearing. I am vibrant with healing, light-filled energy from Peru. ;o) With new relationships & connections waiting to show up in healing & private sessions, -or see you at the despacho, all are welcome:
Equinox /Full Moon Despacho Ceremony:
– when light & dark is in perfect balance!
Tuesday, September 25th
6:45 for 7pm
Douglasdale, outdoors (woohoo, spring is here) 
By Donation (eg. R150 – 500)
Please RSVP for logistics.
Until we meet again,
Chillquenocaquikhama : In good time may I see you walk well & healed.

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