Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it is December already!? I’m tempted to say: phew the year has zoomed by in a flash, but not sure if that is

Grace & Gratitude, www.karenweinman.com

Grace & Gratitude, www.karenweinman.com

true. Actually I think there has also been so much that has happened in this year, that there could be large intervals when we thought it would never pass by – so I suppose maybe the best way to sum it up, is to say it has been a rich year. J

…. for many of us the volume has been turned up in order to hear what is not working for us, where we have gotten stuck – or simply  where things have needed to shift. And alot of change is definitely what I have seen too. Change, but also: opening up – expanding. ..suddenly there are ‘options’…

(which may be on the horizon)

but still, but we know we are now travelling in the ‘right’ direction.

That’s good, right!

As we near the end of 2015, the Solstice arrives here on the 22nd December  – always a great time for ritual. A time to mark the year gone by & to open to the new, where we can be conscious, release & create.

It’s important to mark the time – never mind in case it zooms away too fast! – but to be aware of where we learnt, where we grew, & where we can be grateful even for a challenging lesson. It’s not always easy to find the blessing, but then along comes Christmas to remind us of the good & the beauty of our lives… & suddenly we see we are surrounded by blessings. J

It doesn’t necessarily mean either, that we HAVE to be grateful for ALL the events in our lives. Sometimes there is tragedy. A death. etc….then what?  Then I think it comes down to being grateful for every moment we are given. If we can be grateful for each day we are given for life. ….then we can handle what comes to us next. We build a foundation of gratitude – & take life & it’s challenges from there.

I came across this Ted talk which puts all this together so beautifully. What I love about it is the simplicity. The simple act of underlying gratitude in each day or moment. I will insert it below for you.

Another gift of this time, is that South Africa – well especially Joburg, goes extremely quiet & suddenly there is time & space for all that we have been promising ourselves:  the rest, the time to meditate, time for healing…. & time for inspiration – to watch lovely inspirational videos like this. So enjoy.

Thank you to all of you who are connected to me in some way.  Whether online blog readers, healing clients, Transformation Game players or workshop participants. Thank you for being in my life, for sharing your path with me. I often feel very blessed to do what I do…but also to have a group that is hungry to heal & grow – &  willing to travel with me – to be open to a rich life, I so appreciate it. So thank you!

Although I am working most of December, this will be the last blog for this year. I’ll be in touch in 2016 again. I open my practice on 4th January, but already there are many beautiful plans coming together for early next year:

‘Goals with Soul’ workshop;

Meditation groups;

Transformation Game in Cape Town (February-ish) & Johannesburg

…and ‘Pathways to Inner Mastery’, the incredibly successful 3 month programme

….but more on this next year!

Wherever you are in the world, may it be a beautiful time these next weeks, no matter what your beliefs or culture may be. Welcoming in the New Year with dreams, expectations – & anticipation of whatever quality you wish to invoke.

I wish for all of you ‘Grace’ in whatever unfolds…

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