The last few months the intensity has built in my life (it’s time for change, eeek). Watching as those around me & the planet in general, is being challenged & wrung out,  I caught myself saying a few times, ‘gosh it ain’t easy on the human path’.

I was playing a Transformation Game workshop to support my way through it, & was surprisingly guided by the Angel of Compassion. Only after the game, did I realize what a wonderful lesson I had received from this Angel. As she accompanied me over 5 days of transformation, she taught me about the ‘human versus spiritual’ path. Something I had never stopped to recognize internally. I discovered it’s comforting to just simply acknowledge this challenge of being a spirit on the human path.

I have often said in private sessions to clients, that when we choose our life path while a soul, before birth, that we forget how tough it is to be in the physical form. Then we ‘land’ here. Distracted by joys, emotions & the manifestations of the physical realm. It get’s busy, lol.

But ticking quietly in the background is an experience of how challenging life is. Bombarded by all kinds of energies, emotions, beliefs & experiences:  both as individuals & part of the human consciousness, it can be quite overwhelming. This human condition that encompasses pain in oneself & others, with judgement & suffering, etc. We are then reminded that being human ain’t an easy task!

It sounds awful really. I don’t mean to be negative – but realistic –  in order to get to my point

Here’s an example –  around the topic of money:

When there isn’t enough of it, we have to work hard as a human being to ‘make’ it – it is the finite reality to life – we need money to survive. If you look at the spiritual side of money – eg. the flow of energy, maybe look at the sabotage patterns, our beliefs in abundance and worth, focus on the creative force & our connection with it. As we work through this, the money may then flow. But money then becomes an issue that we think will be ‘cured’ when there is enough…that the suffering will stop.

But then, I chat with people who DO have an abundance of wealth, & discover that they too have challenges with money – who can they trust? What happens if they lose it? The pressure society puts on them to spend it wisely, etc etc. So they too are challenged even though they have enough – it’s a path of suffering to them too!

So I realized no matter our position in life – there are ALWAYS challenges…and suffering. It is the way of the human path.

We live it automatically, not stopping to realize what we endure to survive. What coping mechanisms we unconsciously put into place to survive, & unaware of the ripple effects that can have.

We can become compassion-fatigued…

– trying to separate ourselves from the dilemma of being human.

This may be a wide spread cause of depression, stress, & lack of self worth within all of us. When we are constantly being traumatized by the physical experience, it exhaust us out of our hearts – & into our heads! (sound familiar?)

So cultivating compassion, bringing ourselves back to our hearts, acts as a healing balm that helps us tolerate hurts, & nurtures our ability to be with what is. It gives us refuge from our judging minds & allows our hearts to open. Without compassion, we cannot see the truth & pass through the suffering to trust in a greater reality.

Of course, the cultivation of compassion is a life-long practice; it comes with experience & the flowering of an intelligent heart.

There is no need to ‘do’ anything ‘about’ our human experience.

The question we need to bring ourselves back to is :

Does our life, our actions, lead to a domino effect of love -or separation from our own hearts?IMG_0962

And how can we remind ourselves, that

compassion is the healing balm?

Maybe that’s where our regular spiritual practice comes in. To consistently tap into that well of love inside – & within our lives…so it spills out & gently holds us through this intense time of human experience.

I can definitely say  – (for me), that my spiritual path has been my life-saver! Focusing on my heart and soul, & remembering the bigger picture, ie. getting a bird’s eye view, & trusting that my soul knows what is required in any given moment or up ahead. My head may not understand it – but my heart & soul does. So I rest into that.  …hoping that with time it will become my new ‘automatic’ – creating a life that is heart-based & wise, no matter the circumstance.

So have you?

Noticed the challenge of being a spiritual on a human path?

And? Will you experiment? Such a beautiful quality to learn – compassion. Don’t you think?

Let me know…..

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