The ancient Andean way……
This beautiful tradition encourages ”Ayni’ – the reciprocity between us, Pachamama and all of nature.
We as humans give and receive.
Pachamama gives and receives.
As we dance this dance, we feel connected, grounded and expanded!
It’s an incredibly rich path….
After 7 years of experiencing and embodying this exquisite tradition, it is time to share….build community.
I was lucky enough to receive an invite to pilgrimage with the Qero, to represent Africa -and hold the light for our nation, as we trekked to the highest and most revered mountain, Apu Ausengate. There I was initiated. …and continue to be initiated as I was hit by lightening …and other amazingly miraculous experinces. The Shaman’s path is calling…has been calling…probably for many life times ;o)
For more details, see my blog on the journey. But now…
Now it is time to share and teach….
Come join me for a Despacho
Receive the seeds of empowerment through the Munay Ki.
Join my monthly workshops to learn the shamanic way.
I can teach you, but you need to guide and empower yourself as you too embody this way. A very natural way.
Planting Empowerment Seeds – The Munay- Ki
Imagine planting seeds of consciousness within you, to open up your path in a respectful way, in the perfect timing to your own needs & growth. Expanding your potential & connection!
In this workshop we are going to plant, learn how to nourish these seeds & integrate their power wisely.
The Munay-Ki is a series of nine Empowerment rites
based on the initiatory practices of the Qero Paqo’s (Shamans) of Peru.
 “Munay” in Quechua means “love and will”, together with “ki” combine to give the meaning: energy of love.Opening to love within.
After 7 years of studying & embodying the Andean tradition within my own life, I see how remarkable, simple AND life changing this has been – I want to share it with you – and finally feel ready.
Using the Munay Ki as a vehicle to teach you, these initiations will gently (yet profoundly) introduce you to :
  • Awaken the healer within you
  • Build belts into your energy field for protection
  • The seven archetypal energies transmitted into your chakras, to clean, open relationship and discover guidance. These include Animal  archetypes and other levels of consciousness.
  • Awaken the ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit.
It will also include the 5 Rites that are given to initiates as they walk the path of Paqo – Andean ‘Shaman’:
  • Daykeeper Rite:              -This connects you to a lineage of master healers. Heals the feminine                                                             within, step beyond fear and practice peace.
  • Wisdomkeeper Rite:       -Connects you to a lineage that helps you heal from the past –and future.                                                       Heals the inner masculine, step outside of time to remember infinity.
  • Earthkeeper Rite:           – Connects you to a lineage of Archangels & Guardians of our galaxy.
  • Starkeeper Rite:              -This Rite anchors you safely and youthfully during this time of change, so                                                     your physical body can evolve to become homo luminous!
  • Creator Rite:                     -Awaken the Creator -light within, which brings forth a sense of Stewardship                                                 for all creation as well as a connection to the source.
After 2 years & 2 teacher’s training’s in the Munay Ki itself, I will share with you in a wholesome workshop, with a strength of energetic transmissions- AND practical theory!
Andean tradition is mainly oral & energetic – so it is to be experienced, discussed  & practiced. Although there will be notes, it will be focused on the other levels of your being. Mainly …to be embodied!
Therefore, the workshop group size will be kept small and intimate:  4 (to 6 maximum).
To give you time to integrate, the Rites will be spread over 3 separate weekends.
We’ll begin at 10am, finish about 4pm.
Cost  = R1850 pp

Of course, Kinesiology & the Transformation Game still has it’s place on the healing path- but it is Western. Whereas the Andean tradition is not –  you will be learning and experiencing an ancient path to healing & connection. It is very exciting and beautiful. … integration will happen for months and years afterwards. Bringing everything together.

This will invite you to master yourself as you evolve….supporting you to find balance, healing & a beautiful sense of belonging –
as you melt more into nature & learn about Ayni.
(Ayni is Quechua for ‘path of reciprocity’ )
I will be loading more information on my website in the next week, so will keep you posted. But this above, does cover the exquisite content. And of course you are welcome to email or phone me if you have any questions. It is time….
We are the change the world is looking for.
I look forward to discovering who of you is called to join, so email me to book.


An introductory workshop to Ancient Andean Wisdom :
….this heart-based, interconnected way of living. Masters of living energy, at one with the Earth, her elements and all of life, the Qero’s of Peru have handed this information down for thousands of years, there is much to share.

In this workshop we shall begin remembering from them – learning through oral sharing of knowledge and practical techniques. Revolutionary to Western traits, you can undo the need for energetic protection & limiting systems, and open your channel for life force, healing and rejuvenation.

I’ll teach you practical ways :

*how to rejuvenate your life force
*work with your bubble

*learn energy system basics
*clean your energy systems
*deepen your relationship with the earth and other elements of our galaxy
As well as an overview of how this all fits together into the greater whole.
This is the true holistic way of living. It’s simple, nurturing -& empowering….and as you will discover, a natural way of being.
When:    Saturday, October 28th, 9am- 3ish
Cost:      R650
Where:   My place in Douglasdale

(Munay Ki graduates, these are the tools I mentioned to build & work with your seeds further)Please note everyone, Munay Ki is not a prerequisite for this workshop, but will run along side, as it expands your understanding & guidance- from within!

Transmissions & rites go hand-in-hand to developing you on this path, as the Andean tradition is self empowering – & living energy based. Rites, knowledge and embodiment are the 3 legs to transformation and an authentic spiritual path.

Despacho…what is it?

I call it a living prayer. A way to send our gratitude and wishes out to the Universe!

Using a piece of paper that represents the plane we live on, elements like soil, quinoa, flowers etc are placed in a mandala,  that represent nature, animals, abundance, the richness that the earth, sky, stars, sun, water and all elements give us. ..etc….

Then each person enters their own wishes by breathing their prayers into something from nature. This is placed into the despacho, which is then closed up and either buried or burnt. Releasing the prayers….creating abundance and manifestation.

Most participants walk away fee heart-filled, peaceful and grounded.

Come join us as I build one over the full moon, the solstice – or for a private session booked by you for any reason you wish.

October 2017


Munay Ki:

7th, 14th & evening of 31st OR

13th, 21st & 27th.

New Moon Ceremony:

Oct. 19th @7pm

Come join us while we create sacred space for an Earth Haywarikuy (Despacho)

Welcome into the new, with nature as support

By cash donation

Transformation Game:

We will play Friday evening, half Saturday & half Sunday  – times chosen with you, the players.(to suit all) eg:

Friday 4 – 8pm

Sat & Sun 10 – 2pm each day

4 – 6 players

Venue : Douglasdale

Play with the intention of your own choice

Email me for more info or to join a workshop

August 2017

Eclipse/New Moon Haywarikuy (Despacho) :

August 22nd

6:45 for 7pm

At my house in Douglasdale

Powerful time of the year, as we move through this gate consciously.


Transformation Game workshops:

Solo and group game available this month

We will play Friday evening, half Saturday & half Sunday  – times chosen with you, the players.(to suit all)

4 – 6 players on group game (only 2 places left)

with the theme of your own choice

Email me for more info or to join a workshop

July 2017

Full moon ceremony: Despacho:


6:45 for 7pm

At my house in Douglasdale

Welcoming in the Full moon consciously.

Andean Shamanism workshop:

Last Saturday of the month

Learn the ways of this beautiful tradition…embodying it – and empowering yourself!

Transformation Game workshops:

We will play Friday evening, half Saturday & half Sunday  – times chosen with you, the players.(to suit all)

4 – 6 players (only 2 places left)

Play a game with the theme of your own choice

Email me for more info or to join a workshop