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I can’t believe that this year, 2016, is my 25th anniversary of being a healer and teacher!

My ‘first’ career I was an Interior Architect – but I got bored of it! A huge intricate job which I learnt  inside out, and then once there was no more challenge, started looking further. I began teaching Alpha Mind Dynamics, and discovered I had a talent for teaching -and supporting people to transform their lives. I realised I couldn’t do the day job anymore, and began training as a healing practitioner, and have grown exponentially ever since. …and surprised to say that I still passionately love what I do!

Building trust in my intuition, deepening relationship with the divine, finding the courage & practical way to step in- to guide people back from where they have been stuck or unhealthy, has been intriguing.

Transformation is not only something I have been through intimately many times in my own life – but that I have witnessed with hundreds of clients. That alone has been a PHD of learning and experience.

These days as I explore further – my relationship with the Earth, the elements and the nature kingdoms, I have come to realise, that it is not only about healing our subconscious mind of sabotage patterns. Or releasing blocked emotions and aligning our energy systems- clearing out past life patterns too. Not only for ourselves – but for the planet too. We heal for ourselves and each other.

It is all about balancing & utilising both the mind AND the heart in our human experience. Not one or the other. The feminine and the masculine. The ego and the spirit. It is a profound time of healing and opening on our planet –and feel deeply grateful I chose to be here & serve at this time.

Karen WeinmanThe details: 

Training in Mind development:

Originally an Interior Architect, my training in the alternative healing and training realm began 25 years ago as a Workshop Leader with Alpha Dynamics –a training which uses the mind to manifest and heal. To me it was a course that opened up communication with the heart – it was not something that we intentionally taught, but I could feel it in myself & see it in the thousands of people that I facilitated.

The numbers on my workshops rose from 8 in a group, to 350 in a matter of a few years,  it was hugely fulfilling & purposeful.


Then as a Body Alignment Practitioner from 1995, using Kinesiology (muscle testing), pendulum use and other energy therapy tools, I had a full time healing practice in Johannesburg & Cape Town.

I saw first hand the miracles that occurred from identifying the source of blocked energy in the body – in both human and animals.


My first clients after qualification were abused monkeys & Apes from a pharmaceutical company, and then with an organisation that rescued birds of prey. It is very inspiring to work with animals – I still do today, in amoungst the hundreds of clients – although it’s mainly domesticated animals. Like young children, animals have much to teach us about how simple it is to release & practice unconditional love. (see this blog for more)

I then moved to the Findhorn Foundation, an international community in the north of Scotland where, as a residential member for 5 years, I focused on the world of group dynamics, spirituality and self -development/ Adult Education. My trainings there (there were many!) included:

  • Conflict Resolution, Spiral Dynamics
  • Group Transformation facilitation,
  • Buddhism and other spiritual paths,
  • Nature Devas,
  • 4 day conferences on ‘Death & Dying’, Forgiveness & more
  • Mandalas, Painting from Within,
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Process Orientated Psychology(POP),
  • Women/development of the Feminine/Masculine within, and Sexuality Groups;
  • The Money Game, Green Living, Ecology, etc to name a few.

We practiced dailiy living in harmony with the planet on all levels, while being dedicated to being as human as possible on a spiritual path. Due to serious illness I left Findhorn, otherwise I might still be there today – but Africa is in my blood, I couldn’t ignore the homesickness anymore.

I also worked with Neal’s Yard Remedies based in London, studying Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Herbal remedies, as well as other healing modalities.

The death of my Parents & other family brought me back to South Africa – where I feel my life purpose lies.

I now offer personal healing sessions to those wanting to raise their consciousness, through understanding the sabotage patterns in their bodies.Midwifing those making the journey from the head to the heart. And discovering that I am also a natural Soul Healer. Not a path I would choose easily – I suppose it chose me. As a result I have worked with hundreds of people, the demographics are very wide. A large percentage I see for either long term basis – or ongoing. It’s all guided by their bodies to clear many many layers, resulting in much healing at the soul level – & gently inviting their lives to become a spiritual path. In the process, rippling out to a country & continent which too, needs much healing energy.

I am often invited by companies & groups to do talks; have appeared in Oprah magazine, and was interviewed in CNBC Africa, amoungst many others.

Then, weaved through my life is the phenomenal Transformation Game. Over the last 18 years I’ve played or facilitated small groups, groups of 12, community size /Planetary games etc, in Findhorn where the game originates, & in South Africa with small groups. This is such a powerful tool for transformation, I never tire of being involved with it & seeing what blossoms in front of me. (see dedicated page). The mystery school is always fascinating, creative & profound!

Peru & the Andean tradition:

I have always felt attracted to Peru since a child, and so initiated into the Andean Tradition 2012, immediately feeling at home. It all comes so naturally to me, as I work with the elements & Pachamama. After a 3 week pilgrimage & purification in Peru with the Qero Paqo’s 2015, I just let it unfold naturally in me until I was hit by lightening Feb. 14th 2016 – a sign calling me to Andean Shamanism. It feels very intense as I learn at high speed from within since then…not only to awaken ‘old’ ancient memory within me, but also as I share it with my clients. As I find my way, I have now done the next initiation to become a Pampa Misayok. In their language this is considered the step onto the path of priesthood. In Western language, it’s being able to share the philosophy and hold the energy for/ with community.

Lastly, the last 7 years (whilst doing other courses like EFT, Wealth Dynamics, Coaching, Quantum Energy etc). I have been developing & offering my own short & long term workshops here in Johannesburg & Cape Town.  Using my experience of what I know to be a building block.

I’m always amazed at how intuition can create genius in your life! And when all else fails, I’ve learnt to fall back into the support of a kind & loving divine consciousness.