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Tapping into Akashic memory

Ooooo this is such a lovely video.  It is not often that I come past such genuine information on a ‘place’ that is rumoured.  Well, maybe rumoured isn’t quite the right word lol.  As a child I remember people talking about ‘The Akashic... read more

My magical path to Peru

There is something powerful manifesting in my life this year, I have no doubt it will effect my life – never mind my healing and teaching work….and ripple out from there.  I am going to Peru, and Peru will be coming to South Africa this year, so many have asked... read more

Fear … glorious fear

I want to write about fear today – funny thing is I’ve been trying to write this blog for at least 2 weeks.  (I wonder if it’s fear that’s stopped me lol. I make the joke, because it’s probably true.) What I can say for sure, is that the last 5 weeks have been... read more