I am so excited to be sharing my 26 years of teaching, facilitating & healing experience with you.

Facilitating Transformation & spirituality is something I am HUGELY passionate about.

On this site you will find out about private healing sessions with Kinesiology and energy work

… ancient Andean healing sessions;

Transformation Game Workshops

The 10 month training becoming a Paqo

Andean Shamanic events

like Despachos for full moon etc.

Munay ki rite workshops 

House clearings and many other offerings…

I truly believe it is so needed currently, as I see a world dominated by head orientated, male energy (not men – male energy). So I really want to bring in the feminine aspects. The HEART aspects. The Soul aspects, not only in how I interact with you, but also opportunities for you learn to discover & expand yours!

The more we work on ourselves & become more conscious, the more it ripples out to heal & affect the community

– the more it ripples out to heal & affect the planet.

I am amazed at the transformation in my clients & groups. I am deeply grateful for being able to observe & facilitate this, & of this healing & teaching talent & service I offer.  I love to share it … whether you are here in South Africa, or anywhere around the world!

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You can manifest a rich life   – lived & celebrated on ALL levels of your being!

Manifesting from your  heart &  Soul – to become a more balanced, conscious & vibrant human BE-ing.

Just watch this space!

Andean Paqo: Masters of Living Energy - 10 month Course 2019

To enquire, book, or simply to contact me ...

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Paqo: Masters of Living Energy

Paqos are Mystics and Healers, who follow an ancient Andean path to healing, embodying & interacting with nature & Divine consciousness, aiming to become a 6th level being.

This is a self development training to discover this beautiful way of living, over 8 months of 10 sessions.

On this training you will learn tools & techniques, build relationships & connections to embody Ayni  (reciprocity)& become one with nature.

Raising your vibration & life force!

This path is fundamentally a personal journey to Munay (love will) and your potential power!

Later, once a foundation is set, we will practice very rare & ancient group practices.

So come join me & learn this exquisite way of being. An inherently feminine way.

We will meet once a month, giving you time inbetween to practice, build & explore. So you can then ask questions/ be ‘coached’ through this invisible, creative art.

Next intake:     January 2019


Take a moment

– Right now!

Close your eyes

tune into your breathing…

tune into your body

observe – how you are?

Connect into Pachamama- the Earth

Feel her support beneath you.

…and let go – just for a few minutes

Practice being here now


Karen Weinman Be Integrated, motivated and empowered. Soul Healer Transformation Kinesiology

Learn, experience & expand your consciousness!

Live in South Africa or Online

June 2018

Winter Solstice Despacho

Releasing the old, opening to the light.

6:46 for 7pm start


R150 – 300pp

Please RSVP for logistics

July 2018

Transformation Game 

13- 15th July.

Friday evening, saturday and Sunday morning

only 2 spaces left.


R2500 pp

RSVP to book

Healing The Waters

Saturday 21st July

9am – for the day

Healing Our Waters on the inner and outer realms

R650 pp

Douglasdale and Nature Reserve

Lunar Eclipse Despacho

Thursday 27th July

6:46 for 7pm start


R150 – 300pp

Please RSVP for logistics

How to Reserve Your Place
How to reserve your place
Please email me before booking to check there are available spaces.
50% deposit to secure your place.
Please note, deposits are non-refundable, so be committed when you place your deposit.
You will receive an email confirming your place, and a preparation pack, with dates and times, what to bring and any other logistics you may require.
Despachos are payable in cash on the evening.
How to pay...
How to pay
I will inform you by email, as it depends on the event. Cash is payable on the day for Despachos.
Pay pal/credit card facilities are available, please enquire via email.
For workshops, if you are in South Africa, bank transfer/EFT is also welcome. With YOUR name as a reference + the course name – I will give you theses details when you email me to check availability.

Healing the Waters

There was a drought in a village. They sent for a rainmaker who was known to live in the farthest corner of the land, far away. (Of course that would be so, because we never trust a prophet who lives in our region; he has to come from far away) So he arrived & found...

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Heavenly Events require heavenly Despachos

Would you like to join me as we create 2 ceremonies, preparing consciously for 2018? It's such a Unique opportunity with all the heavenly aspects happening currently! eg.... 31st January:  the powerful Super Blue, Full moon with the Lunar Eclipse. 15th February:    ...

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