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I am so excited to be sharing my 23 years of teaching & healing experience, online with you.

Facilitating Transformation & spirituality is something I am HUGELY passionate about.

On this site you will find info about private healing sessions with Kinesiology;

Transformation game workshops

Munay ki workshops – planting the seeds of transformation, through the Andean tradition

Andean Shamanic events, like Depsachos for full moon etc.

As my life’s work goes online, watch this space, as there will be courses and workshops – for both individual & group learning. I truly believe it is so needed currently, as I see a world dominated by head orientated, male energy (not men – male energy). So I really want to bring in the feminine aspects. The HEART aspects. The Soul aspects, not only in how I interact with you, but also opportunities for you learn to discover & expand yours!

The more we work on ourselves & become more conscious, the more it ripples out to heal & affect the community – the more it ripples out to heal & affect the planet.

I am amazed at the transformation in my clients & groups. I am deeply grateful for both: being able to observe & facilitate this, & of this healing & teaching talent & service I offer.  I love to share it -so please join me… whether you are here in South Africa, or anywhere around the world!

Here you will find tools for transformation, healing, learning to be more conscious in our everyday life….and of course ways to explore our connection with our spiritual essence.

Sign up for my blog –  sent out regularly, it’s filled with insights & reminders of the sacred, energetic levels of who you are, & other delicious topics. As well as giving you access to “Inspirational Stash”: articles I have been sharing with my clients privately for years.

You can manifest a rich life   – lived & celebrated on ALL levels of your being!

Manifesting from your  heart &  Soul – to become a more balanced, conscious & vibrant human BE-ing.

Just watch this space!

Working with Hucha

As the next steps unfold on my path I wanted, not only to keep you updated, but to start sharing different elements from this natural way of being. Clearing out our Hucha, inviting in Sami and Ayni…but I’m getting ahead of myself…where shall I begin?... read more


ON COURAGE~~ Courage is your willingness to not know. To speak your truth. To walk your path. To face ridicule and rejection. To keep going, despite the voices in your head and the judgements of others. And there are no guarantees you will make it. Nobody can walk for... read more



take a moment

– Right now!

close your eyes if you can

tune into your breathing…

tune into your body

observe – how are you doing?

how are you feeling?

let go – just for a few minutes


being here now


try this simple technique

a few times a day…

until it becomes a good habit –

really, it’s that simple!



Do a workshop

Learn, experience & expand your consciousness!

Online or in South Africa,

learn to muscle test,

understand what is sabotaging you.

Energy anatomy

healing in community with play

…..transformation and spirituality

with like-minded people

More Info on workshops